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About Marie Jo

About Marie Jo

Marie Jo Haute Couture

A Marie Jo woman doesn't just have style and class, she defines style and class. She walks out the door each morning with her natural grace, charm and confidence in tow.


With each day, a new adventure and an opportunity to share her zest for life. Beautiful, bright and sophisticated, she knows what she wants and won't settle for less.  A Marie Jo woman is ready to take on the world with support from classic pieces, complete with lace detailing, rich embellishments and a perfect fit.


Marie Jo L'Aventure

Indulge yourself in The Marie Jo L'Aventure line. With striking silhouettes and unique designs, L’Aventure seamlessly crosses over from daytime staples to playful nighttime pieces. Its clean lines, hot colors and contemporary embellishments compliment your personality without compromising a perfect fit and rich quality. 


Marie Jo Intense

Move without boundaries in beautiful, breathable sports lingerie with Marie Jo Intense. Whether your regimen is a heart pumping workout or a leisurely walk, support and mobility will be your last worries. Years of research were poured into developing sexy, functional sports lingerie designed to accommodate every activity and every woman. Intense pieces support a range of low to high impact movements and promise to last long after your workout does.

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