Women’s Low Rise Thongs & Hip Huggers

Women’s low rise thongs and hip huggers offer a modern take on the classic thong style. Constructed with a low waistband, these sexy panties are designed to comfortably lie across your hips. Wear one of these amazing pieces beneath your hottest low-rise pants without any trace of a waistband! Shop today!

What Is A Low Rise Thong?

An innovative approach to the traditional thong, women’s low rise thongs are designed with a lower waistband that lies comfortably across the hipbones. They are the perfect piece to wear underneath your favorite low-rise pants or skinny jeans without the chance of an exposed waistband. Comfortable and sexy, these thongs are made for a perfect outfit every time. Whether you need an amazing pair of underwear for a casual or formal occasion, you will not be disappointed. Offered in a variety of colors and styles from conservative and functional to stylish, daring and beyond, there is a beautiful thong option for any woman here at Bits of Lace.

Benefits of Women’s Low Cut Thongs

Offering you the ability to wear your best low rise items without having to worry about visible panty lines or waist straps, low rise thongs make an excellent addition to any wardrobe along with similar items like strapless < a href = “http://www.bitsoflace.com/bras.html”>bras or multi-positional bras.

Unlike other thongs that will most likely show when wearing low rise clothing, these women’s low rise thongs will remain undetected so you won’t have to worry. Always fashion forward and sexy as can be, our thongs are accented with all kinds of different styles and designs. From modern geometric patterns to seasonal floral designs and even the most incredible lace style thongs, we have searched the world over for the most amazing thongs and brought them all together for you. Browse our selection today and never look back again.

Shop Bits of Lace Today

Tired of feeling limited because you don’t have the proper underwear to work with your favorite low rise garment? Look no further. Grab a sexy low cut thong today. We’ve hand-selected only the finest thongs on the market to make it easy for you to find the best of the best! Shop today!