Designer G-Strings & Cute G-Strings

Constructed with light fabric and a thin, string-like waistband, a G-string thong is your best undergarment selection for hard-to-wear items like white pants, clingy skirts and skinny jeans. Shop these designer G-strings from the world’s best lingerie brands, and kiss any chance of visible panty lines goodbye! Don’t miss the cute G-string styles in this collection!

What Are G-Strings?

Thongs have been around since the invention of human clothing but were first worn only by men. This has changed. Women everywhere now wear thongs of many different types, styles, colors, and shapes.

G-string thongs are the more revealing offspring of the classic thong design. Featuring a light, sometimes sheer fabric, they are named for the thin T-shaped elastic strap that exposes the rear. These designer G-strings are as sexy as they are comfortable. A must-have in every woman’s lingerie collection, they pair perfectly with skinny jeans, low-rise pants, skirts and many other items in your closet that may be difficult to wear with regular panties. Available in lace options with fine detail and many fabulous colors and styles, there is a pair to suit every woman’s style needs!

G-Strings vs Thongs

The terms G-String and thong are sometimes used interchangeably but are actually two different types of garments altogether. The G-string is designed with a narrow piece of cloth that holds the panty together instead of a larger, thicker waistband like the traditional thong. This results in a very unique, almost playful appeal the likes of which no other thong can pull off. The main noticeable difference that brings these cute G-strings to the next level is the width of the back section, which resembles a string instead of a thicker piece of fabric.

Cute G-Strings

Featuring playful ribbons, frilly details and even daisy patterns like the Marie Jo Avero piece, these cute G-strings are sexy and flirty. If you are looking for the sexiest most revealing underwear available, then look no further than a designer G-string. Here at Bits of Lace, we strive to help you feel your most confident, classy and beautiful, offering a wide selection of fine lingerie for any occasion. Don’t forget to match your new designer G-string with our other fine lingerie items! Shop our expansive collection today!