Luxury Body Shapers & Body Shaping Underwear

Bits of Lace carries seamless, full body shapewear so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. These luxury body shapers provide all-over shape, support, and coverage all in one high quality garment. These body shaping underwear pieces prevent the bulge that can occur with the stop and start of other compression garments. That’s all of your shaping problems solved in one fell swoop! Shop Bits of Lace today!

What Is Body Shaping Underwear?

Typically known as “foundation garments,” body shaping underwear pieces are made to keep you looking wonderfully smooth under virtually any ensemble. Women have worn foundation garments such as these for some time now, making shapewear essential to fashion trends and new waves of culture. These luxury body shapers from top brands like Prima Donna are made with the finest materials and incredible craftsmanship to help ensure the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Look and feel your best in any of these amazing pieces.

Luxury Body Shaper Styles

These garments are designed to give you confidence by slimming the body to hide any unwanted areas. By improving upon the female form, these garments are meant to keep you looking wonderful under any ensemble. Enjoy your daily activities in confidence knowing that you are looking your best. Choose from high brief and high waist luxury body shapers for an amazing look. Browse our sexy shapewear bodysuits for even more incredible full body control wear options!

Only The Best At Bits of Lace

At Bits of Lace, we believe that all women should be able to look and feel their best. We provide the latest selections from the world’s finest lingerie brands in a variety of styles. Find sizes ranging from Small to 5XLarge to accommodate any woman’s unique needs. Look no further for that perfect body shaping underwear piece! At Bits of Lace, we offer many exceptional pieces that can “smooth” over your worries and support your strengths to the fullest. Shop today!