Luxury Shapewear & Tummy Control Underwear

Designed to create a flawless figure, a shapewear garment smooths and controls every inch it covers, ensuring you look gorgeous all over. Bits of Lace offers an assortment of plus size lingerie, including luxury shapewear pieces designed to work wonders under virtually any outfit. Look no further for all the essential shapewear and tummy control underwear pieces, including panties, slips, bodysuits, and leg coverage garments. Just like a stable house requires a strong foundation, an impeccable outfit requires the right shapewear. Find the best at Bits of Lace today!

Shapewear Bodysuits

Full coverage shapewear bodysuits are designed to keep everything smooth and under control. But they’re not purely functional. The great luxury shapewear pieces you’ll find in our carefully curated collection can stand on their own as complete lingerie sets. They’re that beautiful and sexy. Don’t miss the Empreinte Apolline Bodysuit, which is made to look like a stunning corset with exquisite embroidered lace! The Marie Jo Angelina and Prima Donna Twist Caramba bodysuits both offer breathtaking all-over lace options as well! So many great pieces to choose from!

Tummy Control Underwear

We have many exceptional tummy control underwear and panty options in this collection. From high waist and full brief styles all the way to boyshorts and even sexy luxury thongs, you can find just what you need here at Bits of Lace. Shop with confidence knowing that all of the shapewear panty options in this collection are from the world’s leading brands. Enjoy the luxurious feeling of the finest materials and expert craftsmanship with incredible sex appeal! Shop today!

Tummy Control Slips

Fashion forward and functional, the knockout tummy control slips in our collection will help you create a flawless silhouette beneath virtually any outfit. With their incredible style and high quality construction, they can also be worn as stand-alone pieces for steamy nights with that special someone.


Luxury Shapewear Shorts

Hitting the gym and need that extra bit of confidence to push yourself to your limits? Be sure to check out the luxury shapewear shorts in this collection. Enjoy all the firmness and lift you need to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best. These seamless shorts help to reduce the appearance of any areas you may not be so comfortable with. Try them to complement any other piece in your wardrobe like a skirt, low cut dress or a skinny pair of jeans.