Sexy Bikini Panties & Cute Bikini Cut Panties

Bikini panties have moderate front and rear coverage and thin hip connectors. Bikinis are designed to stay put on your body with limited visibility under most clothing. Bits of Lace provides a wide variety of sexy bikini panties, including classics and seasonal fashions. This is the most widely worn style of panty and best known. Always feminine and very sexy, these cute bikini cut panties are a must have for any woman. Shop today!

What Are Bikini Panties?

While panties can come in many types such as boyshorts or a full brief, the bikini panty is the true example of style, luxury and class. These panties sit at hip level and have a very narrow hip line. The rear design of the panty is not too revealing or uncomfortable. The front coverage is also moderate and allows for a great middle ground of function and style. It is the most widely worn panty among women worldwide and is highly regarded in fashion and pop culture.

These sexy bikini panties come in many variations and fabric templates, ranging all the way from lace and floral embroidery to sheer tulle and other fabric types. They are always constructed with a breathable material for maximum comfort throughout your day.

Sexy Bikini Panty Styles

The inclusion of bikini cut panties came soon after the invention of the miniskirt, which required its wearers to be almost indifferent to the potential for the exposure of the panty itself. This fueled the fire and soon bikini panties were the norm.

As you can see in our expansive collection, there are many interpretations on the basic bikini design. These can include tank top sets and string bikini panties, which only have a string that ride around the hip. Bikini underwear can come in any combination of tight, skimpy or revealing looks when compared to the basic brief. Most of these cute bikini panty styles sit below the natural waist line, which is what gives them such great appeal. They come in both classic (black or white) or seasonal schemes.

Only the Best at Bits of Lace

This type of panty complements the female form and is often paired with other matching colors or fine lingerie to complete a set. While some women prefer more reserved underwear, cute bikini panties like these are slowly becoming the mainstay of female undergarments. A bikini cut panty is almost always paired with a bra counterpart for the ultimate effect in sex appeal. A must have for all women, it can offer comfort, sex appeal, and a feminine look all in one.

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