Sexy Ladies Panties from Top Brands

Our lingerie specialists searched high and low to deliver a large selection of sexy ladies panties from the world’s leading brands like Empreinte, Marie Jo, Prima Donna and more. At Bits of Lace, we stock only the finest quality designs featuring amazing materials in both classic and cutting-edge styles. Whether you need full coverage, thongs, or playful prints, Bits of Lace has incredible options for every outfit in your closet. Shop today!

Bikini Panties

Bikini panties are designed to stay put and offer limited to no visibility under clothing. Think of your favorite swimsuit bottoms. The design is similar, featuring moderate coverage with thinly cut material along the hips. Made with high quality materials and featuring flirty styles, these are a perfect option for women who want something sexy and fun but not over the top.

Full Brief Panties

The full brief pulls off a full coverage look like no other style, while still remaining sexy and appealing. Whether you’re looking for something with more coverage or simply prefer the feel of the material, you’re sure to find the perfect full brief panty within our selection.

Boyshort Panties

Boyshort panties tend to have a cheekier cut and have a unique coverage level for the rear, usually very sexy and new age. Boyshorts are trendy, to say the least. They’re all the craze in the fashion world, so you’re sure to find many sexy ladies panties in boyshort designs from top brands within our collection.

Seamless Panties

Many sexy ladies panties styles are available in seamless designs. Choose your favorite from boyshorts, the basic bikini, the subtle full brief and more. These great panties are recommended for anyone who stresses about panty lines. They provide the best option to hide those pesky lines with specially crafted seams—and they feel simply incredible!

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It is our goal to help every woman feel and look her best. At Bits of Lace, we adhere to a strict policy of providing only the highest quality lingerie to help you feel sexy and wonderful in your own skin.

Although usually considered basic lingerie items, ladies panties come in many different styles and coverage levels so that any woman can find the proper fit for herself. You’ll find amazing pieces in all shapes and sizes at Bits of Lace. Enjoy sexy ladies panties from petite to plus sizes, and build out your lingerie wardrobe. Browse our selection of panties today, and enhance your sex appeal in minutes!