Prima Donna Bras & Lingerie

The Prima Donna lingerie brand was established in 1865 and has been well known for producing perfectly fitting lingerie. Each of the 50 components that make up a Prima Donna bra ensures ultimate comfort and attention to detail with an incredible contemporary style. These bras allow every woman to “demand the best for herself,” with only the highest quality fabrics used to ensure that your bra retains its fit even after frequent wear and washing. Prima Donna bras offer one of the largest size ranges in the lingerie industry. Supporting women of all sizes, you will find Prima Donna bras offer everything you need in a long lasting, reliable bra.

About Bits of Lace

With new additions to the legacy coming every season, Prima Donna offers the cream of the crop when it comes to “fine” lingerie. Almost always coming with a smooth, seamless presentation, there is nothing quite like one of these bras. At Bits of Lace, we’ve made browsing this amazing collection easy for you. Pick your favorite line, and easily find a matching bra and panty set!

Prima Donna Couture

The Prima Donna Couture Collection is the newest series from this well-established brand. Beautifully positioned between the Madison and the Deauville, the Couture bras, panties and more are sure to become one of your favorite collections. The Couture plus size lingerie set owes its all-round fit to the upper cup in elastic lace, and a surprising combination with tulle. The underwire plus size bra has double elastic tulle that provides a strong hold, excellent support, great lift and a beautiful look. If you are looking for a plus size bra that does it all, this is it!

Prima Donna Deauville

FOR A BIT OF LUXURY, try out the Deauville collection. Its ribbed microfiber fabric and luxurious embroidery will win you over. Prima Donna bras and lingerie come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Old world craftsmanship and new world ingenuity combine in an unprecedented way.

Prima Donna Divine

Fall in love with the feminine look and feel of the Prima Donna Divine plus size lingerie collection. Featuring a light and airy look with exceptional lace and hand-crafted embroidery, you’re sure to look and feel your most heavenly.

Prima Donna Madison

Some collections are reminiscent of classic French costumes and corsetry, bringing that same elegance into your bedroom. These bras are beautifully tailored to enhance your curves in all the right ways while still pulling off one of the best fits in the industry. The Madison collection for example offers a more contemporary showcase; with its texturized geometric pattern, it incorporates sheer confidence.

Prima Donna Perle

The Prima Donna Perle collection offers a variety of contoured bras and shapewear to support and embrace the larger busted woman. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of these soft cup bras, panties and more that has been refined through over 150 years of lingerie excellence.

Prima Donna Satin

The Prima Donna Satin collection is a top-seller for women in search of seamless bras and panties with a flawless fit. The Satin collection includes many timeless pieces that no woman’s closet is complete without. No matter your style needs, there is a piece sure to delight and indulge your tastes for luxury and functionality. So go ahead, indulge, and slip into something more comfortable. Embrace the comfort and elegance of the Prima Donna Satin plus size lingerie collection.

Prima Donna By Night

Up late with someone special—or just enjoying a you night? Do it in style, with the incredible Prima Donna By Night lingerie collection. Well known for their high quality bras, Prima Donna sleepwear delivers the same great craftsmanship and sex appeal. Featuring delicate silk embellished with plenty of lace to accentuate your curves, you’ll feel and look amazing. The beautiful crème color is bold but feminine. Feel confident, comfortable and oh so sexy. Shop today at Bits of Lace!

Prima Donna Sambal

Other classic collections like Sambal, offer support for the full figured woman. These bras are built for comfort and beauty. Smooth lines and taut microfiber pull off a subtle sheen unseen in other lingerie sets. There is also the Satin collection which boasts smooth lines and can accommodate any size or shape. For a seamless and flawless fit, try the Satin full cup.

Prima Donna Eternal

Look Great & Feel Confident in a Prima Donna Bra

Prima Donna bras were created to provide elegant lingerie for the self-confident, naturally shaped woman. Innovating its way up the line, these ideas have come a long way from their inception. The mission of the company is to “shape the mind and body of women.” With over 140 years of luxury lingerie behind these bras, they will not disappoint. With all bra types imaginable and constant stayer groups each year, you can’t go wrong with a great bra like these. Shop today!