Eres Swimwear and Lingerie

As a French fashion label, Eres has positioned itself as a leading high-couture swimwear and lingerie designer. The elegant prints and innovative designs offer truly revolutionary takes on modern swimwear. The brand is designed by Irène Leroux who understands how valuable great style can be. Leroux took mundane seasonal swimwear and translated it into a powerful investment piece that everyone must add to their fashion repertoire. For over 50 years, Eres has been instructing women on the way a proper swimsuit should look and feel. In 1998, they ventured into the world of lingerie, bringing a range of innovative and flattering styles.

Exclusive Finds

Bits of Lace is able to bring you unique styles from this highly sought-after French designer with a planned shipment arriving just in time for your spring and summer travels. To secure your favorite pieces, call or visit our store to be placed on our exclusive preorder list. You can also call to inquire about timeless suits that may be on sale from a previous season. The first shipment will be delivered in March 2019 followed by a second delivery in April 2019.

Exquisite Design

The sleek, streamlined design gives Eres swimwear a look that’s equal parts feminine, chic and timeless. Bold classic colors help balance feminine lines and look good on all skin types. A shimmery stripe pattern is available in swimwear and lingerie. To add modern flair to classic looks, designers introduce new color palettes each season. Iconic cuts take the swimwear line to glamourous levels never seen before. Unlike most swim pieces, the fabric holds everything in without the use of bulky padding or boning.

Innovative Fabric

The secret to this phenomenal swimwear lies in the special fabric used. Known as peau douce (“soft skin”), the fitted fabric is paired with a parachute-like material that dries quickly and doesn’t lose its shape. This amazing fabric is designed in-house and exclusive to the Eres line, which means you can’t get it anywhere else.