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The Bra Strap

Bra Sizing Table of Contents
  1. Standard Size Charts
  2. What's your Bra Size?
  3. European to American Sizing Conversion Charts
  4. The Bra Back Panel
  5. The Bra Cup
  6. The Bra Clasp
  7. The Bra Strap


The Straps


Straps must not be so tight that they pinch the shoulder or so loose that they fall off the shoulder.

Strap Pinches Shoulder

Strap Falls off Shoulder
How to respond?
If the bra pinches the shoulder: If the strap falls off the shoulder:
Lengthen the straps with the strap adjuster. Shorten the straps.
If you feel that your breasts are not being given adequate support, try a bra with a smaller band size. If this does not help, try a bra whose straps are attached more at the middle of the cup and/or back panel.
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