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Bra Sizing Table of Contents

  • Standard Size Charts
  • What's your Bra Size?
  • European to American Sizing Conversion Charts
  • The Bra Back Panel
  • The Bra Cup
  • The Bra Clasp
  • The Bra Strap

The Cups

Good Fitting Cups


Perfect fitting cups sit comfortably in the space provided, making a seamless transition from breast to cup. The bridge for the bra is located in the front between the cups and should make direct contact with the breast bone.

Cup is too large

Cup Too Large

Cups that are too large will not properly support and lift your breasts. The cups will gap, wrinkle or sag, creating an unappealing appearance. This puckering will show under clothing.If this is your experience, move down one cup size at a time to find the correct fit.

Cup is too small

Cup Too Small

Cups that are too small may pinch or squeeze your breasts, causing them to spill from the top of the cup or beneath the underwire. This buldge will show under clothing.  If this is your experience, move up one cup size at a time to find the correct fit.

How can you respond?

If the cup is crimpled, try a smaller cup size.

If the cup pinches at the top of the breasts or the breasts are pushed flat, try a larger cup size.

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