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The Bra Clasp

Bra Sizing Table of Contents
  1. Standard Size Charts
  2. What's your Bra Size?
  3. European to American Sizing Conversion Charts
  4. The Bra Back Panel
  5. The Bra Cup
  6. The Bra Clasp
  7. The Bra Strap


The Clasp and the front piece
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The clasps and the front piece are flat against the chest (not against the breasts).

If the cups or the clasps are too small, the center front piece (between the cups) will not rest against the skin and the bra will hang loosely. On the other hand, the front piece should not pinch either.


How can you respond?

Try a larger cup size if the clasps and the front piece do not hug your body or the clasps pinch.

But remember that the first thing you should always do is measure your band size. Of all the parts of a bra, the band provides the most support -- not the cups or the straps.

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