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Empriente Bra Style

Empriente Bra Style


It is easy to see why Empreinte was voted the 2011 Lingerie Designer of the Year at Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. Few lingerie companies create collections with the same level of intricacy and care. Empreinte truly understands and appreciates the female body. They have staked their claim as a lingerie staple since their humble beginnings in the 1960's. They devote themselves to creating flawlessly fitting pieces for women with a full bust.


Each season Empreinte uses the latest technology and fashion trends and debuts magnificently beautiful collections. Empreinte is the WOW factor! Here are some quick facts from Curve NY's interview with the mind behind Empriente's design and style, Marlies Vesters, explaining just how she does her job so well.


1st She draws major inspiration from her time spent at art school, when she used the female body as both the subject and canvas for her painting. Years later, Marlies creates a different type of body art in the form of stunning lingerie. The features of a woman's body that inspired her so greatly in art school: round shapes, curves, the line of the waist and legs, are features she pays greatest attention to when designing for Empreinte.


2nd She believes Empreinte uses the most beautiful fabrics and materials available. Just when she thinks she has run out of ideas, something small will spark inspiration, whether it's a glimpse of embroidery, a button or a bow embellishment. A fabric from one collection will inspire the next: embroidery that "moved as well as lace" was used for the Thalia Collection, which then inspired the lace construction of the Kaela, and so on.


3rd She involves as many people as possible in the creative process (seamstresses, fitters, etc) and relies heavily on their opinion to overcome challenges and create a product that is always beautiful, supportive and comfortable. How does she describe Empreinte's latest collection? Two words: "Absolutely Fabulous."

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