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Empreinte 5 Key Points

Empreinte 5 Key Points



# 1 - The Cups' Fabric:  Empreinte's bra cup fabric selection are always tulle, lace or microfiber: sturdy, durable fabrics. There are no elastane threads in these fabrics unlike most bras on the market which use fabrics with a high elastine thread count.


#2 - The Back's Fabric:  Empreinte describes their bra back bands to have “liveliness”. After extensive research and testing, Empreinte found a fabric that reverts back to its original size without stretching out of shape. While most bra bands stretch up to 140%, Empreinte's back bands only stretch 100% for a more taut, supportive fit.


#3 - The Back start of the straps:  Empreinte bras have a “chimney” back: a special construction that centers and balances the weight of the breasts, creating a balance between the middle of the back.


#4 - The Straps:  Large cup sizes depend on strong bra straps to support a full figure and full bustline. Empreinte's bra straps have a low degree of elasticity, only stretching 30% unlike the industry standard,  50% stretch.  Empreinte's specific elasticity guarantees a longer life for the bra.


#5 - The Underwire:  Empreinte uses a full, closed underwire in the underside of each bra. A closed underwire is extremely slimming and slenderizing. Empreinte describes the effect as "spectacular when you have put your top back on and you look in a mirror." Empreinte's underwires are thicker and more sturdy than standard bras, ensuring they lie flat on the body and do not twist. 



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