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Empriente Design

Empriente Design


Empreinte’s designs bras, panties and lingerie for the modern woman. Expert in larger cup size construction, Empreinte is able to design bras that provide more than just a great fit, but also are on the cutting edge of design and fashion. Empreinte’s design team debuts multiple collections each season, all which fall under one of three style categories: seduction, daily refinement and basic.


Collections from the Daily Refinement category are described as having “elegant and refined lines for all women looking for feminine lingerie” that can be worn as a day-to-day basic. This type of style is really the best type of lingerie for an on-the-go woman; a style a sexy lingerie lover who must portray a conservative image during the day. As Empreinte so eloquently states, these designs “embellish the figure.” See for yourself from collections like the Maud, fashioned in a corset image, and the Lily Rose collection, offering many sexy, embellished full coverage options.


Basics, described “wardrobe basics that guarantee invisibility under clothes for a slender figure: Empreinte’s expertise at the service of beautiful fabrics and techniques.” The Kaela Collection is a great basic with intricate wave embroidery. The Sofia Collection also falls in this category, which is seemingly invisible even with luxe details. The Iva Collection delivers a basic with a smooth, seamless silhouette.

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