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Small Breasts

Having small breasts can affect your self-esteem, especially when you are bombarded by all facets of the

media which are telling you how bigger breasts are the key to making you attractive. For those who have

small breasts and sometimes are persuaded by our outside social environment to think your breasts are

inadequate, here are just some of the good points about how your breasts are perfect just as they are:

First, remember the point women have breasts: to nourish another human life! We not only have the ability to

create and foster another human life, but also the ability to nourish another life with our own bodies. The

physiology of the breast is really quite amazing and beautiful. 

Secondly, gravity is kinder, or at least it appears to be. There certainly is less noticeable sagging. Remember

all breasts will eventually sag, it simply is a fact of life, but it is less noticeable when your breasts are on the

smaller side.

Third, less pain! Some women with very large chests experience a great deal of back and shoulder pain

because of all the extra weight they are forced to support. Women with smaller breasts tend to be more

physically active, as there is not so much mass to get into the way or strain to their body with the intensity of

physical activity. 

Finally, if the concern is in pleasing men, rest assured that a large percentage of men actually prefer smaller

breasts. Some people will say these men are hard to come by, but they are out there! But remember, when it

truly comes down to your happiness and satisfaction with your body, all that matters is your opinion. 


So you see, having small breasts is a really good thing for a number of reasons. You are definitely unique,

but also definitely not the only person with smaller breasts!

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