At Bits of Lace we treat your personal information with the highest level of security and privacy to ensure that your personal information and transactions are completely confidential. We do not give out any credit card, debit, or checking information. We do not disclose or sell any of our customers’ e-mail addresses or personal information to outside parties. We do not give out or disclose any information about what you as an individual may purchase with Bits of Lace with anyone, except employees who use this information to process your order.


Bits of Lace makes protecting the security of your order our highest priority. For your security, all of our orders are encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology both on the client and server ends. SSL prevents any outside parties other than Bits of Lace from decoding your personal information. Your order sent via the Internet can be trusted to arrive securely, privately, and unaltered to our server only.

Checking the Security of your Connections

To verify the security of your connection, simply look at the URL location window towards the top of your browser. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from “http” to “https” (which stands for hyper text transfer secure). This means that SSL is active and secure. The portion of Bitsoflace that we have made secure is the checkout area. This is where you actually purchase the items you have put into your Shopping Cart. The entire checkout process, from introduction to final confirmation, takes place in a completely secure environment.

Ordering by Phone

While making a credit card purchase is just as safe on our website as it is by telephone, we understand that some people feel more secure purchasing items over the telephone. For that reason, we are more than happy to assist you with your purchases of online merchandise via telephone. To do so, please contact our Customer Support team Monday-Friday between 10am-6:00pm Eastern Standard Time. One of our customer support associates will gladly take your order.  We at Bits of Lace are sincerely committed to a safe and secure web experience for our visitors.

Cookies and other web technologies

Our site uses cookies to track items you selecting to add to your cart during your visit. Other technologies may be used to show relavent ads using various search engine and display advertising systems across the internet. These cookies contain a list of pages you may visited within the last 30 days, but will never contain information that could identify you or your computer. Your privacy and security is paramount, our company will never collect personal marketing information beyond your recent visits for any purpose. Visiting our site does not subscribe you to any mailing lists without your explicit consent.