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Prima Donna Deauville Comfort Cup Bra

Style #0161816|0161817

Quick Overview

The comfort cup bra is uniquely designed with a fabric wrapped elastic edge along the upper cup. This construction eliminates any gaps that may happen between your skin and the bra. This piece also delivers great full cup coverage.

style: full cup comfort bra

fabric: tulle embroidered style, top and bottom super soft panels, tiny scalloped edges

design: three panel support, horizontal seaming and underwire to enhance round curves, beautiful airy tulle with playful leaf embroidered straps

fit and tips: this full cup bra is designed to lift while giving full containment and less cleavage, its extra soft lined upper panel rests comfortably on breast tissue

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Prima Donna Deauville Comfort Cup Bra 

Style 0161816 and 0161817 prima donna deauville comfort cup bra

Great bras are hard to find. But when you’re wearing a masterpiece like the Prima Donna Deauville Comfort Bra, you’ll always experience lingerie greatness. Offering beauty, support and all the trimmings in between, this bra gives you that extra kick in your step, giving you long-lasting wear and comfort for years. So, if you’re tired of having short-term relationships with your lingerie, meet the bra that’s willing to commit for the long haul! Designed with premium lace and a bust-contouring fit, this piece is truly a luxury in intimate wear.

Style & Fit

The bra’s multi-support system keeps your curves round and beautiful at all times. Engineered for fantastic lifting power without discomfort, it features horizontal seaming, combined with sturdy straps and underwire. Plus, the bra’s center is made with a three-part panel to add even more reinforcement. Each individual component is carefully developed to flatter your figure. Through this teamwork action, the girls are lifted into an elegantly upright position.

All the while, you’ll experience sublime comfort and movability. How? The secret is in the fabric-wrapped elastic edge along the upper cups, which keeps your breasts snug and secure. This innovative construction eliminates any gaps that may happen between your skin and the bra.

deauville comfort bra

Fabric & Design

Classically elegant, this bra is a highlight for any woman’s lingerie drawer. It’s designed with embroidered tulle along the cups, lined along the top with tiny scalloped edges. The embroidery features a spring-inspired vine pattern, giving the bra a light, feminine feel. The rest of the bra is designed just as impressively, made with stretch satin that’s both flexible and strong for long-lasting assurance. As a finishing touch, this piece is decorated with three tiny bows along the center panel and sides of the straps.

The color choices offer a gorgeous range as well. You may choose from Black, Cafe Latte, Natural, Smokey Sand or Submarine. The Black and Natural shades offer beautiful takes on time-honored staples—we all love them. For more adventurous tastes, Smokey Sand is currently the color of high fashion, making it a wonderful option for trend-conscious ladies. Alternatively, Submarine can offer a fun change of pace when you’re in the mood for something less traditional.

Fit & Tips

This exceptional full cup bra is designed to lift while giving full coverage and less cleavage. This fit is meant to work best with tops and dresses with a round or high neckline. The bra also complements tighter ensembles as the fabric lining along the cups creates a smooth transition between your skin and the bra’s edges. Leaving almost zero gap, your clothes can rest smoothly over your figure, leaving you with enviable bulge-free curves.

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Once you try the Prima Donna Deauville Comfort Cup Bra, you’ll start craving second helpings—in more colors! If you love lingerie that evokes taste and pedigree, you’ll discover the highest design standards in all the bras from the Prima Donna collection here at Bits of Lace. Shop today!

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Brand Prima Donna
Style # 0161816|0161817
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