Plus Size Wireless & Wire Free Bras

At Bits of Lace, we believe that comfort and support come before all else. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! With these gorgeous plus size wireless bras from the world’s leading lingerie brands, you can get the best of both worlds. Experience a natural, rounded silhouette, a wonderful fit and a look that you’ll love—all without an uncomfortable underwire. Shop our plus size wire free bras today!

Benefits of Plus Size Wireless Bras

There are many wonderful benefits to wearing a wireless bra. Due to the absence of the underwire, these bras maintain extreme comfort and simple style, all while offering a double layer of support for the breasts without the discomfort of the traditional underwire support. With a different build than a normal bra due to the absence of an underwire, these bras support with stronger construction and weight distribution unlike a normal bra. Don’t think that you can’t be properly supported in a bra without an underwire. We’ve carefully selected the best plus size wireless bras that are made for comfort and versatility with you in mind. You can purchase any item you see here with confidence.

These plus size wire free bras are ideal for larger busted women who desire comfort without the risk of over accentuating cleavage. Create a natural shape and enjoy an ultra-sexy look. With a light and breathable build, these bras are great for any occasion. Enjoy luxurious comfort all day, or turn up the heat for a fun night out!

Wire Free Bra Styles

Whether you are working out on your daily regimen, playing sports, or any other strenuous activity, these bras offer supreme comfort and support. We have many plus size wireless bra options from leading brands like Anita, Conturelle and Prima Donna. Choose from full cup, soft cup, lace and athletic options. You’re sure to find something perfect for any activity!

Always made with high quality components and materials, these wireless bras are sure to last you as long as they are properly cared for. Crafted with genuine care to support your back and front without inhibiting your movements like most other bras, these plus size wire free bras are sure to impress. Shop today!