Plus Size Maternity Bras & Nursing Bras

Designed to make the breastfeeding experience easier and simpler, plus size nursing bras offer simple access to the nipple with detachable cups. Each side of these bras has a flap with a clip or a hook closure to allow the removal of the cups and easy reattachment. Made with new mothers in mind, these plus size maternity bras are among the highest tier of versatile and useful lingerie. If you are a new mother thinking about trying a bra made with you in mind, look no further.

Plus Size Maternity Bra Design

These bras reduce the stress of breastfeeding and support the breasts in a way a regular bra simply can’t. If you have any doubts, know that choosing a proper bra for nursing will help you feel comfortable in many circumstances! At Bits of Lace, we only stock the finest plus size maternity bras from the world’s leading brands, like Anita. You can be confident in your purchase knowing that you will be getting an amazing bra to support your health, comfort and nursing process.

Innovative Nursing Bra Functionality

Crafted out of a demand for a comfortable bra that opens easily for simple breastfeeding almost anywhere, these plus size nursing bras will make you feel more available to feed your child whenever you please. These bras are made for fuller figured women in mind with strong support for the bust line that will keep you comfortable even with the increased breast size during lactation.

Although comparable to the maternity bra, the nursing bra is created with fuller cups and wider set shoulders in order for any size woman to feel properly supported and comfortable while nursing—or any other daily activity. All of our nursing bras are designed for ease of use. When wearing these incredible pieces, you can be ready to nurse your baby in public areas with minimized undue or unwanted attention by keeping you hidden from prying eyes. A regular bra is the worst thing for a new mother to wear, because it can cause undue pressure on the breasts and increase the risk of clogged milk ducts and other complications. Don’t put it off any longer if you are an expecting mother. Grab a high quality plus size nursing bra today to support yourself and your baby’s future at the same time!