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Molded Bras versus Contour Bras

Though there are many bra styles to choose from, most women fall in one of two categories: Team Molded Bra or Team Contour Bra.

Whatever your preference, Bits of Lace believes in the importance of understanding the features of each bra and what the real differences between the two are. There are pros and cons to each style, there are certain body shapes that are better supported in a molded bra than a contour bra, and vise versa. An informed bra shopper is the most successful bra shopper. The more you understand, the less confusion in the fitting room, the fewer ill-fitting bras you will own.


Contour Bras

The contour bra is commonly known as the “t-shirt bra”, a selection that slips seamlessly underneath slim fitting clothing and has a smooth, rounded shape.



Smooth, seamless, almost invisible presentation under knits and sheer fabric

Most brands and styles completely eliminate nipple show-through



The smooth, seamless presentation this bra provides means it must have have some added padded or lining. This can add to the size or appearance of the bust, which for some women can be a great thing, but for many women, a major detractor.



Contour Bras give a rounded, shapely, curvy shape



Contour Bras present a smooth, centered silhouette


Coverage and Support

Contour Bras count on an underwire for is main supportive feature.

Contour Bras can provide a wide range of coverage depending on its style and cut. You can choose from a plunge, demi, full cup, strapless- even push up. Most contour bras offer a cleavage presentation and a plunging neckline. The lining and padding provide full coverage of the breast tissue from view.


Our Favorites

Marie Jo Avero Multipositional

Marie Tom Plunge Bra

Chantelle Basic Invisible


Works Best For

Women who wear cup sizes A-D.


Molded Bras

Molded bras are the most classic bra style, this type of bra is tried and true. Some women swear by this type of bra. It is easily recognizable, typically soft, thin and lacy.



European companies like Prima Donna built their business on molded bras. The design is perfected.

Molded Bras lay beautifully on the body and take to the natural shape of the breast

Women who wear larger sizes can enjoy the experience of a beautiful bra and the necessary level of high function and support.

Molded Bras are typically more embellished and detailed than contour bras. Not to worry, when you have the correct fit, these embellishments lay flat and insivible under clothing.

Molded Bras are light, compact and do not add any extra size or volume to the bustline.



Molded bras do not provide the same level of nipple concealment. If this is a major concern, you can use nipple concealing products like DIMRS or Cover Ups.

Molded Bras do not provide the same "covered" sensation as T-Shirt Bras.



Molded Bras enhance your natural shape and mold to the shape of your bust.


Coverage and Support

Molded Cup Bras rely on support from an underwire and seams sewn into the cup. Some seams are vertical, some form a three-part cup to lift, center and shape the breast tissue. The seams are like channels that direct the breast tissue into correct positioning. It's hard to believe that such a little piece of the bra does so much work!

Molded Cups may feel like they provide light coverage because of their thin fabric composition, when in fact molded cup bra styles usually provide full or nearly full coverage. Molded cup bras are available in full cup, comfort cup, demi cup and sometimes- plunge styles.


Our Favorites

Prima Donna Satin Plunge

Empreinte Melody Full Cup

Any selection from the Prima Donna Deauville Collection


Works Best For

Women with a full bust, cup sizes E-J.

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