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Lingerie Shopping Tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of shopping for that special someone? Would you like to

feel confident in knowing that she will love that extra special gift? 


Your first order is business is find out her dress/pant/blouse size. It's also important to know her

height and weight which is helpful when asking a salesperson for guidance. Also keep in mind that

her regular wardrobe is an indicator of what she is comfortable in and prefers to wear in relation to intimate apparel. 


Next, think about what genre of intimate apparel you are looking to purchase. Does a sexy bra and panty set sound appealing? How about a short and sweet tap set or floaty little chemise? This is where it's important to know her sizes, as ladies can often be different sizes in blouses (or bras), pants (or panties) and dresses (chemises).


Shopping for more general items such as robes, chemises, or nightgowns, often yield fewer returns

than more specific intimate apparel. Sizing for these items is often more generous than other intimate

apparel and, because of this, robes and nightgowns are a good option if you are not 100%

confident of your lady's correct size. You typically will have the benefit of exchanging the garments

should they, despite your best intentions, not fit. 


If you are still apprehensive about choosing the perfect present, remember that there is no shame in getting

her a gift certificate. With this option, she can choose any style of lingerie, fabric, or size depending on her

mood and comfort. 


Lastly, no gift is complete without those thoughtful little extras. Hanky Panky thongs come rolled in cute, little packages

and a sweet, colorful five-pack. Forever New offers pretty gift boxes of fabric wash, which

is essential for keeping her beautiful, new lingerie looking fresh. They also offer a lingerie bag to prevent

snags in the wash. Dimrs conceal "high-beam nipples” and come in petite plastic purses, wrapped in tissue.



Happy Shopping!

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