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Intimate Apparel Glossary

Here is a guide to the lingo of lingerie for men (and women):

A chemise is a short, flirty, and sleeveless gown with an A-line silhouette.

A tapset (tap set) is a camisole (a tank top with thin straps) paired with a matching boyshort (girl boxer or occasionally a thongboy, which is a boyshort with a thong back).

A teddy is a sexy, sheer, one-piece bathing suit for the bedroom. In other words, a teddy combines a camisole and a panty into one piece. (Note: you may want to talk to your lady before going with this option, as it will be non-returnable due to health codes.)

A bustier is a sexy piece covering the torso and breasts typically decorated with embroidery and lace. Bustiers come with attachable straps or can be worn without any straps. 

A garter belt is a sexy, ornate piece worn around the waist with four clips or garters, which attach tostockings to keep them in place.

As for what is sexiest, it has been said that whatever she will be most comfortable in will be sexiest. So in other words, if your lady loves light and floaty cottons, do not expect her to necessarily feel very sexy or comfortable in a tight and lacy tapset. It is all up to personal preference. 


In fact, that brings us to an important point: due to federal health codes, items with a gusset (a crotched garment) are non-returnable. So in these cases, choose wisely and ask plenty of questions!

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