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...come in many shapes, sizes and styles. At Bits of Lace we understand the true value of lace and its contribution to fine lingerie. It is the staple of "high-fashion". That is why we are called Bits of Lace for over 38 years, your bra fit specialists!

Bra Fitting Guide & Three Step Guide

Finding the perfect bra is simple when you know what you're looking for.

Read Bits of Lace's Bra Fitting Guide for a breakdown and recommendations BRA SIZING, STYLES, SELECTIONS, CARE.

Experience the perfect fitting bra for your body, lifestyle and personality.

Designer Bras, High End Lingerie & More

Shop Bits of Lace today for incredible designer bras and high end lingerie from the world's leading brands. We have everything to suit any woman's needs from everyday items to sexy intimates for special nights. At Bits of Lace, we believe every woman deserves to enjoy the luxurious feeling of a fine bra with a perfect fit. Call our bra fit specialists today for recommendations and assistance finding the right bra for you! Shop today!

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