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What is Prima Donna?

Prima Donna

PrimaDonna is made for the elegant, self-confident, naturally shaped woman. Honest and serene, she loves luxury and beauty, and enjoys all of life's wonders. A PrimaDonna woman is engaging and warm; she knows what she wants and makes high demands. She expects her lingerie to offer an incomparable fit paired with fashion. Compromise is not in her vocabulary. PrimaDonna offers luxurious lingerie with the comfort she so expects. Comfort that lets her express herself: a woman who can take on the world. Exigez l'excellence.

Prima Donna Twist

PrimaDonna Twist offers lingerie for women with a larger cup size who love sexy, feminine and trendy style. These are spontaneous, scintillating women who do not find anything to their liking in the existing brands for larger cup sizes.

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