Bra Style Guide – Find Your Favorite Types Of Bras!

The sheer number of bra types can be overwhelming. There are so many styles to choose from! How do you know which is the best bra style for you? Simple. Just read through this quick bra style guide to learn more about the different types of bras. Then shop Bits of Lace for the best of your favorite style!

Full Cup Bra

Full cup bras eliminate cleavage by containing all of the breast tissue inside the bra cup. Bits of Lace recommends this bra type for women who are looking to minimize their breast size and appearance or for women who need extra support for an ample bust. Bits of Lace provides full cup bras that serve their function while still remaining very fashionable!


Demi Cup Bra

Demi literally means “half” in French, and Demi Bras represent this concept well. A demi cup bra is cut lower than a full cup but provides more coverage than a balconette and is typically cut at a slight angle to enhance presentation. Demi bras are sometimes referred to as balconette bras, but there are slight differentiations. Both of these styles act to shelve the breasts and also feature widely set straps for a broader, more open neckline.

Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are necessary for any clothing that does not provide straps or sufficient coverage to hide a traditional bra. These types of bras are usually sold with removable straps that increase the versatility of the bra and are a must-have for all women. Bits of Lace carries a wide variety of strapless bra styles and colors!

Convertible Bra

These bras include any bra that features detachable, often removable straps that are designed to be worn in a variety of ways: X back, strapless, halter and single shoulder, for example. Convertible bras are very versatile, offer a great deal of flexibility, and can become invisible under multiple garments including halter tops, asymmetrical necklines and racerback styles!

Push Up Bra

These bras help to accentuate cleavage and breast size. The sexy push up bra is padded and typically has an underwire for support and lift. Some push up bras have small, accompanying removable pads, called cookies, for extra volume. Some have a graduated cup to enhance and lift the bust gradually. Graduated padding is thicker at the base of the cups and tapers to create a natural silhouette.


Nursing Bra

Designed to aid in breastfeeding, nursing bras feature a detachable flap on the cups that create ease of access to the nipple. They may also have removable shoulder straps to further facilitate the process. If you are pregnant or a new mom, be sure to add a nursing bra to your registry list!


Plus Size & Full Figure

These are generally defined as bras in sizes of 38C plus but can include large band sizes with smaller cup sizes (ex: 44B) or larger cup sizes with small band sizes (ex: 32G). They may also include large band and cup sizes (ex: 40D to 46 H). Plus size bras are constructed to reinforce the support and lift for larger breast while still offering a sexy, fashionable design. Let Bits of Lace help you choose the correct size for an everyday bra or fashion bras!

Lace Bra

Lace bras are among our favorite in this bra style guide! They can include a wide range of bra types. You can find any of your favorite cuts and designs made with beautiful lace. Often considered the foundation of any fine lingerie set, lacy intimates are sure to drive that special someone wild. With stunning fabric options, these bras are sexy and appealing to the eye. Crafted with meticulous detail and gorgeous design, lacy bras are among the most sought after styles available.

Underwire Bra

Underwire bras have a wire built into the underside of the cup which is intended to lift, separate, shape and provide additional support. We recommend this type of bra for fuller busted women in order to minimize discomfort and maximize lift.


Racerback Bra

Designed to be invisible under tank tops with a T, Y or X back. Racerback bras are typically sports or athletic bras, but many underwire bras have this special feature as well. Racerback bras are essential for warm weather fashion!


Sports Bras & Athletic Bras

This bra style is designed to offer the appropriate amount of support during exercise, sports and other physical activity. Sports bras are available in multiple levels of support ranging from light (best for yoga or pilates) to maximum (best for high impact activities). Bits of Lace provides many incredible sports bra options for full busted women, with wired and wireless styles designed to minimize movement up to 75 percent!

Front Closure Bra

As opposed to having rows of clasps in the back to adjust the band, front closure bras feature a single clasp at the center front of the bra. These are a great choice for women who have difficulty adjusting and clasping the average bra. Front closure bras are also ideal for women who have recently had surgery.


Seamless & T-Shirt Bras

Often referred to as a T-shirt bra, seamless bras offer a simple, smooth presentation that is virtually invisible under clothing but is “not” always seam-free. Seamless bras and lingerie have seams that lay very smooth and flat against the skin. Color is important if you desire the presentation to be invisible under light or white tops. We suggest nude, skin, cognac or café colors. The styles can be padded or non-padded/molded.

Balconette Bra

Often referred to as a demi bra, the balconette bra style offers half of the coverage of a full cup bra. The balconette is often considered a sexy bra and more flirtatious due to its corset-like appearance. The balconette bra has a straight-across cut which shelves the breast and creates a sultry uplift. This style of bra is best suited for breasts that are fuller on the bottom. The straps are wider set giving an open neckline.

Padded Bra

Shape-enhancing pads or lining increases bust size and adds cleavage. This type of bra, also known as contour bras, has thicker padding than regular stretch-foam bras.


Plunge Bra

Plunge bras create a deep “V” presentation and lots of cleavage. These bras offer a super sexy construction and run on the motto, “the less cup the better.” This style is the perfect bra to wear underneath an outfit with a bare, plunging neckline. Bits of Lace carries many gorgeous plunge bras in classic colors and seasonal favorites!


Wireless Bras

Wireless bras do not feature any wires under the cups and are ideal for women who may have difficulty or experience discomfort in underwire bras. Wireless bras are available in multiple styles and fabric combinations. These are good options for women who have recently had surgery.


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