Bra Size Guide

So you’ve found an amazing bra. You purchased it online and can’t wait to try it on (and maybe show it off to someone special). When it arrives, however, you find that the fit just isn’t quite right. Your new favorite bra becomes a forgotten item in the back of your lingerie drawer. Don’t let this happen to you! Use this quick and easy bra size guide and bra fitting guide from the experts at Bits of Lace!

Why Is A Correct Fitting Bra Important?

Eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong bra size. That means that nearly 80 percent of women are missing out on these advantages of a correct fitting bra:

  • Look & Feel Great. It’s no secret. The right bra can do wonders for your appearance and confidence. So why is finding the perfect fit so hard? Trick question. With this bra size guide, it’s easy!
  • Enjoy Lift & Support. A great fitting bra should offer comfortable support that is not constrictive and does not squeeze your breasts. With the right fit, you can enjoy a beautiful, effortless lift. With the wrong bra size, you could end up accelerating the drooping or sagging of your breasts!
  • Improve Posture. A poor fit can lead to bad posture. The right bra can help to correct these issues.
  • Maintain Good Health. Circulation and breathing problems, back and neck pain, headaches and more can all result from wearing an improperly fitting bra! Breathe easy by finding the right size for you.

There are many advantages to wearing a correct fitting bra! At Bits of Lace, our bra fit specialists are committed to helping all women gain access to incredible bras and lingerie while enjoying the right fit and style for them. So how do you find the right size for you?

Finding Your Proper Bra Size

One great way to find the correct bra size is to visit a lingerie specialist for a bra fitting session. If you’re in the Charleston area, don’t hesitate to visit the ladies at Bits of Lace! We love helping women experience the difference of an amazing fit. If you can’t visit our store, don’t worry. This bra fitting guide together with a soft tape measure and your best fitting unpadded bra should be all you need. And we’re always available to answer your questions.

Bits of Lace Pro Tip: When seeking help, be sure to refer to your bra’s style number. The style number is an alpha/numeric combination found on your bra’s tag. Also remember to use the UK band size when referring to your bra size!

Finding Your Bra Band Size

To find the best bra band size for you, it’s important to get an accurate flesh to rib cage measurement. You can do this on your own with your soft tape measure. To do this correctly, bend over slightly and locate where your breasts naturally fall away from your chest wall. Snugly wrap the tape measure around this part of your chest. This is your rib cage measurement.

Bits of Lace Pro Tip: If you measured an odd number we suggest you round up to an even number. For example, if you measure 31 inches, round up to 32 inches.

Finding Your Bra Cup Size

To find your proper bra cup size, be sure to have your best fitting, most supportive bra at the ready. Put this bra on, stand with your elbows slightly out, and wrap the tape measure across the fullest part of your breasts. This is your bust measurement.

Now you have everything you need to find your cup size. Simply subtract your rib cage measurement from your bust measurement. The difference between the two measurements determines your cup size, as shown in the chart below.

Remember: Cup Size = Bust Measurement – Rib Cage Measurement Bits of Lace Pro Tip: Be sure to take all measurements as accurately as possible. Even quarter inches make a significant difference in the comfort and fit of smaller cup sizes!




Converting UK/US & European Bra Sizes

Bits of Lace bras come in both UK/US band sizing and European cup sizing. You’ll notice the only real difference is an American DD cup is a European E cup. European bra bands are measured in centimeters (cm), but UK sizes are measured in inches and always visible on tags.



Unsure if you’re wearing the proper bra? Use this quick bra fit checklist to make sure!

  1. Check Your Bra Straps. Are you tightening them up a lot? Chances are your band size is too large. When you crank your bra straps down, you could be putting too much pressure on your shoulders, constricting blood flow and damaging your posture.
  2. What About The Cups? Look for adequate coverage without your breasts spilling over. If your If your bust is overflowing or if you’re getting the classic “bump” under your shirt, try a larger cup size. If there’s a gap between your breasts and the cups, try a smaller size.
  3. Any Wrinkles? If there are, your bra size is likely too large.
  4. And Between The Cups? The gore of your bra (the material between the cups) should lie flat against your chest. Be sure that it is not covering your breast tissue. If there is space between your chest and the gore, try increasing your cup size.
  5. Do You Have A Wire? If so, be sure that it doesn’t dig into your skin. If the wire is poking you or chafing your breasts, your cup size or your bra style may not be right for you.
  6. The Back Band. Your bra band should be level across your back. Your bra may be too large if the band is riding up. Another test is to try to put your fingers between your back and the band. If you can’t fit two fingers, you may want to try a larger band size.

It’s important to keep in mind that seemingly small changes in your body can affect your bra size. Bits of Lace suggests being re-fit with any significant weight change, pregnancy/nursing, surgery, hormonal fluctuation, even a change in exercise routine. Our Bra Fit Specialists can help you find the correct size and the right style for your unique needs.

Find The Perfect Bra Today!

We hope this bra size guide and bra fitting guide has helped you. Now that you know how to get the proper fit, it’s time to find your new favorite bra! At Bits of Lace, we carry only the finest bras from the world’s best brands like PrimaDonna, Empreinte, Simone Perele and more. Let’s go shopping!