Body Shapes Guide

Trying to find the right style bra for your body type? Use this quick and easy body shape guide from the bra fitting experts at Bits of Lace!


Sensual and dynamic, hourglass plus size body types are slimmer at the waist and bell outward. In other words, you’ve got fuller breasts and Beyoncé thighs. Good for you! This shape works well with a wide selection of lingerie and outerwear to purposefully accentuate the waist.  It’s all about keeping the balance you naturally have.

For bras, we recommend an underwire without padding or a plunge bra, such as the Prima Donna Divine Seamless Bra (non-padded) because this bra highlights your balanced assets and draws attention to your curves making your breasts look glorious—while the extra supportive underwire offers added support. Or if your style is more, shall we say, vixen-on-a-mission, then you’ll get the same figure-flattering effects from this fiery black lace version An alternative bra choice would be a plunge cup such as the Natori Feathers Plunge Again, this style cup also accentuates your upper assets and balances with your lower assets.  For bottoms, we suggest pairing with a brief or high leg bikini.  For sleepwear, we suggest wearing something more form fitting that moves with you and shows off your curves.

Apple (Oval)

As a diva with a larger upper body build, your shoulders are most likely a bit broader, hips are smaller and your waistline and bust are your widest measurements.  We recommend you wear lingerie that elongates the body.  Lingerie that lengthens will best flatter your figure.  For bras, choose either a full cup or a 3/4 cup plunge cup.  The focus is lifting the bust, giving a separation to define a smaller waistline.  A great bra for you could be the Empreinte Melody Plunge Bra.  We recommend staying away from padded bras—mostly because you’ve already got enough amazingness.  For bottoms, pair this bra with a high waist or retro panty.  This extra coverage to the midsection lets the fabric create a featured look.  For sleepwear, we are looking to elongate the body with a teddy or chemise that does not cinch in to exaggerate the top but one that flows to stretch the body.

Pear (Triangle)

You’re petite on top with narrower shoulders and upper body while hips and thighs are more voluptuous. When choosing lingerie for your unique plus size body type, the right cuts are key to create a beautifully balanced figure. The idea here is to enhance the upper body, focus drawing the eye to the overall presentation. Choose pieces that highlight your bust cleavage, shoulders and arms.  For bras, we suggest either a demi or pushup style delivering an open neckline such as the Marie Jo Tom Balconette bra. The best fit for a full hipped woman is a thong or high leg bikini.  The less coverage, the better when it comes to hips. This allows your natural curves to hold their own.  For sleepwear, we recommend wearing something that does not tighten at the bottom. Balance your upper body by wearing something with lace or embellishment on top.

Banana (Rectangle)

From top to bottom, the “Banana” or rectangle plus size body type is most likely slim with some modest curves. Choose pieces that help to create more dramatic curves. Your ideal bra shape is one with plunging cups to enhance your breasts for a more enthusiastic “hello there!” For bras, try a push up bra. When choosing a plunge push up, this creates more curves on the upper half of your body. Try the Marie Jo Undertones Push Up Bra (Padded). This is designed with goddess-level craftsmanship, featuring sleek microfiber cups that boost your breasts to the heavens. For bottoms, we suggest briefs or boyshorts. Doing this adds more shapliness to your hips. Bring in color! Avoid pieces that match your skin tone. The idea is to wear color to build upon your modest curves making you look curvier. With sleepwear, short chemises that bring focus to the center and decreases the long straight look are best. Cropped tank tops with shorts are also a great pick. Keeping styles short here help to break up the up and down look.