Pretty & Supportive Strapless Bras

Create the illusion of no bra at all. Show off your beautiful neckline and shoulders. Wear that perfect dress for a special night out. There are many great reasons to own a pretty strapless bra, but one thing’s for certain: they’re an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Be ready for any occasion with a wide selection of supportive strapless bras featuring gorgeous designs and incredible comfort!

Dress to impress with a strapless bra that shows off your shoulders like no other. The soft molded cups help to minimize your curves, and some even have the ability to convert to a regular strap bra. This essential bra gives you the silhouette you are looking for with a truly functional fit!

About Strapless Bras

These pretty strapless bras are designed to hold the weight of the breasts with the support of the band and without the use of shoulder straps. They rely on the underwire and additional seaming. The uniquely constructed panels built into the sides of the bra help support the breasts during wear. Most strapless garments provide a seamless silicone layering within the inside back band and cups, giving the bust that extra hold and support to keep the bra in place.

Supportive Strapless Bras For Large Breasts

At Bits of Lace, we specialize in providing world-class bras for plus size women. We offer many great strapless bras for large breasts, with sizes ranging from 30C to 42E. Any woman can enjoy the glamour of a strapless garment while showing offer her neckline. With supportive strapless bras from leading brands, you’ll enjoy exceptional design and comfort, with no need to worry about any faux pas. You can rely on the high quality construction of these amazing bras to provide the support you need!

Multi-Positional Bras

What’s better than a versatile lingerie item in your wardrobe? Don’t miss the beautiful convertible bras in this collection! Removable straps typically accompany these bras, giving them the ability to convert into many different style presentations. With a single multi-positional bra, you can create a strapless or strappy design and even mix it up with Y strap, halter and racerback looks.

Only the Best From Bits of Lace

A must-have for every woman, Bits of Lace offers an extensive strapless bra selection with varied fabrics and designs made to suit any woman’s tastes. These pretty strapless bras are available in plunge, demi, and push-up styles, to name just a few.

Enjoy supreme support and comfort for an evening out on the town with a strapless bra in any size or shape. We offer a wide range of both petite and plus size bras, making the shopping experience at Bits of Lace truly a pleasure. We have selected only the best supportive strapless bras from top brands like Prima Donna, Simone Perele and Marie Jo. Shop today!