Fancy Sports Bras – Cute & Supportive Bras

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best while you work up a sweat! Cute and supportive don’t have to disagree with each other. Treat yourself to one of these fancy sports bras from amazing brands to experience the best of both worlds!

Athletic Bras vs Everyday Bras

Athletic bras are built for the active woman’s comfort while exercising and constructed differently than typical bras. They are sturdier, minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments. Sports bras are a must-have for any woman wishing to exercise in comfort. At Bits of Lace, we strive to provide exceptional sports bras in all size ranges, including plus size bras. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a fancy sports bra today!

Types of Sports Bras

Sports bra styles are made with different support levels to accommodate the type of physical exercise that is done. There are three types of athletic bras available: maximum, firm, and light support. All of these styles are offered in both wireless and underwire styles.

Maximum support offers firm support for women of a large cup size and minimizes movement of the bust during physical activities such as running, jogging, or tennis. These maximum support bras come with seamless tailoring on the inside, which increases comfort when exercising. They are made with high quality materials to improve breathability and help you stay cool while you push your limits. Built for activities with medium to high intensity, these bras offer the best support while moving.

The light support series of bras is intended for use in low-intensity recreational activities or for lounging around the house. All in all, any woman can find the proper athletic bra from these three types. Women with a large bust will want to purchase a style with maximum support, whereas women with a more petite build will want a firm or light style bra. Though some may consider them fancy sports bras, the pieces offered here provide exceptional support and chic designs that will help you push your limits and look great while you’re at it!

Sports Bra Technology

When athletic bras first came out, it was thought that compressing the breast close to the body was more effective than encapsulating it inside of a molded cup. This has been disproved. Today, most sports bras feature a cup that encompasses the breasts and supports them instead of pushing them down. Some women still prefer the compression types, however, due to the fact that they reduce the curvature and cleavage of the breast during movement.

Studies have shown that wearing a sports bra during exercise protects stretching of the bust by limiting breast movement. These bras also prevent bouncing and movement of the nipple, which will decrease irritation and reduce the stretching of the fatty tissue of the breast. Breasts move in three different planes while exercising: vertically, horizontally, and laterally. This figure-8-like motion can and will cause stretching in time. The breast is not a muscle and therefore cannot be returned to its original firmness through exercise. Wearing the proper bra when exercising is strongly advised! Shop today!