Cute Lace Bras from Top Brands

There’s just something about lace that screams elegance, sophistication and seduction. These cute lace bras boast each of these elements in spades. Often considered the foundation of any fine lingerie set, lacy intimates are sure to drive that special someone wild. With stunning fabric options, these bras are sexy and appealing to the eye. Crafted with meticulous detail and gorgeous design, these lacy bras are among the most sought after styles available. Evolving with the seasons and the most current waves of fashion, these garments are in an elite class of lingerie!

Only the Best Lace Bras at Bits of Lace

Here at Bits of Lace, we support the need for lace in all lingerie! We are always on the lookout for the most amazing pieces from the newest and most trending collections. With many options, you’ll find sexy and cute lace bras from the world’s best lingerie brands including PrimaDonna, Empreinte, Marie Jo and more. When you shop at Bits of Lace, you can be confident that any item you choose will look incredible and have the most amazing fit with the finest materials for amazing comfort.

The History of Lace & Lingerie

Lace bras wouldn’t be possible without the invention of lace itself. This popular and sexy material rose to fashion during the Renaissance, with high-class nobles demanding clothing that was appealing to the eye. Lace is an openwork type of fabric with a keyhole design made by either machine or crafted by hand. In the modern world, most lace is created with machines due to the time and skill required to create it manually. Crafting lace is an ancient art. Take part in a legacy of fine lingerie with any of the lace bras available here. Originally made with silk, linen, or gold threads, lace today is most often created with cotton for amazing comfort and breathability.

Create a Lacy Lingerie Set

Lacy patterns add extra trim and contrast to offer an unbeatable display of beauty. This trim is often embellished with fine embroidery to tease the eye with lovely floral designs or modern geometric patterns that can enhance the overall look of any piece. Cute lace bras are usually paired with lacy underwear of all styles including bikinis, thongs, and full briefs. Ranging from highly feminine to coy and subtle, new lace designs are always surprising us with gorgeous options, and we’re continually on the lookout for the best. We have a full range of panty styles available to match with these lacy bras to help you create a gorgeous lingerie set. Browse our full collection online, or simply reach out to one of our specialists for an expert recommendation! Shop today!