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Energy Beads

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Marie Jo Intense - Energy Beads

The Energy Beads Collection from Marie Jo Intense provides flawlessly fitting sports lingerie. That’s right. Sports lingerie. This collection can be enjoyed by women who love sports activities of all impact levels. Look and feel your best while you push your limits and fight for new personal records.

Fit, Style & Wear

Each piece in the Marie Jo Energy Beads collection features a unique moisture-wicking fabric designed to lead sweat away from the body almost immediately. That innovative material is also a dream to wear. Even though it’s very light and comfortable, it provides all the support you need in a sports bra! Accents like fun embroidered bead embellishments make this collection stylish, young and versatile.

With a smooth, seamless style, bras in this collection can be hidden beneath any t-shirt. But why hide this knockout piece? Show off your style in the gym by trying the sports bra as a solo top! As for fit, the mid-section between the cups is a tad higher than other lines. This makes the Marie Jo collection great for women with less full busts. If you need assistance in assuring the right fit, simply get in touch. One of our expert fit specialists will be happy to help you!

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