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Granular Wash

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5 Item(s)

Forever New Granular Washing Powder

The Forever New Granular Wash collection offers a number of amazing products to help you better care for your lingerie and delicates. Forever New washing powder provides a gentle wash that delicately cleans, brightens and restores life to all of your fine washables. The Forever New Granular Wash has become widely known as "all the best in fine garment care!" Shop Bits of Lace today to find out why!

Benefits of Forever New Washing Powder

There are many benefits to properly caring for your lingerie items and delicates. The right products can help you preserve the colors and durability of your fabrics for years to come. A regular, gentle wash with the right solution can keep your delicates looking like new! Forever New Granular washing powder products provide this and more!

This convenient granular solution completely degrades after washing, leaving no soap residue behind on your clothing. Forever New is also known to preserve elasticity of materials and fabrics, is biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. Enjoy exceptional care for your favorite items with the peace of mind knowing that you will not be damaging the environment.

Lingerie Care Tips

At Bits of Lace, we are committed to providing women with everything they need to look and feel their best. You’ll find an incredible selection of fine bras and lingerie in our collection. Here are a few tips to keep your favorite items looking their best:

Rotate your bras frequently. Regularly switch out your bras to avoid weakening straps and to prevent buildup of oils and sweat.

Hand wash your delicates. Lingerie bags and delicate washing cycles are ok, but things can go wrong, especially with bras. Your hooks can get caught on other items in the wash, wires can be crushed and straps can be stretched. Don’t take that chance.

Buy high quality. A higher quality bra made with the finest materials will last you much longer than a cheaper piece. Start with something great, and use these Forever New Granular washing products to keep it looking like new!

For more bra and lingerie care tips and further instructions for handwashing your intimates, visit our care guide!

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