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Forever New Delicate Fabric Wash

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6 Item(s)

Forever New Lingerie & Delicate Fabric Wash

Forever New has provided "All the Best" in fine garment care since 1975. Forever New lingerie wash products restore and refresh lingerie, hosiery, swimwear, silks, wools and other colorfast delicates that require a gentle wash. This company also offers lace lingerie bags for washing delicate items and stain remover for a flawlessly clean garment. Forever New has an excellent reputation earned by retaining the highest quality control standards and using biodegradable and environmentally sound ingredients. Trademarked with one-of-a-kind blends of only the best ingredients, these products will increase the lifespan of your lingerie and delicates. Enjoy Forever New's selection of detergent for delicates and other fabric care products available at Bits of Lace.

About Forever New Lingerie Wash Products

Originally formulated to clean and restore garments created with spandex and other stretch fabrics, consumers soon discovered that Forever New detergents could care for other precious natural and man-made fibers. In this collection, you’ll find fantastic products ranging from the original Forever New Fabric Care Wash to stain removers and even washing bags to help keep your delicates looking their best!

The fabric care wash is a pure and organic lingerie wash formulated to gently clean, brighten and promote longer life in all of your delicates. A natural base of multiple sodas and citrus cleans all the way off the fabric leaving no residues that could potentially damage thread fibers. This detergent for delicates preserves elasticity and fiber-flex allowing every fine garment to look new for longer.

Forever New lingerie wash is also available in a liquid formula! Ovación offers all of the qualities of the proven granular formula in a convenient liquid solution. The Forever New stain remedy is a breakthrough stain remover that can remove any stain that may otherwise be ruinous to your precious delicates. Don’t take your chances with other stain removers that can ruin your items for good. Also available are washing bags that are made to last with an economical open mesh that allows for free flow during both cleansing and rinsing. As the times change and fine lingerie becomes more available, these products are increasingly useful!

Detergent for Delicates and More!

Without the proper care, your lingerie and delicates will fade in color. Caring for your fine washables always pays off. The proper lingerie wash will ensure the fabric holds the stitching while keeping your items looking new, maintaining the color for longer. Normal wear and tear of delicates is inevitable, but using these wonderful detergents for delicates and other products can ensure you are prepared to take care of your favorite pieces. More than offering insurance that your delicates will stay looking new and clean, these products are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable!

At Bits of Lace fine lingerie, it’s our goal to offer everything the modern woman needs to look and feel her best. Browse our selection of Forever New lingerie wash products that will clean and keep your delicates looking fresh and wonderful for years to come!

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