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Bra Fabric Types & Materials

Many women have questions about bra fabric types and materials. What does each material look like, and which is the most comfortable. We hope this comprehensive guide will help you find the best designs for you! To make your shopping easy, we’ve also included a few recommended bras from top brands that use each of these materials!



A Contour fabric selection is typically thick, designed to conceal the nipple and shape the breast. Contour bras present a soft, rounded appearance under all fabrics, even form fitting or clingy garments. Many contour bras are considered seamless, without any lines or seaming present on the cup. A "t-shirt bra" is constructed of contoured fabric.

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European lingerie is famous for its embroidery work. Many Bits of Lace collections boast beautifully embroidered details. From lace embroidery sewn onto cups, to scallopped embroidered edging or floral embroidered straps, a touch of elegance and beauty is added to a garment with even a slight hint of embroidery. Embroidery can be as simple as miniature flowers or as intricate as "broderie anglaise"—a timeless eyelet design.

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A thick, continuous pattern of piping or lace that often creates a chord or piped appearance. Guipure is a bra material most commonly used for detailing on straps and cups, but can also be used as a supportive panel. You will find the guipure style is applied frequently within the Prima Donna and Marie Jo Lingerie brands and collections.

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Our favorite among bra fabric types! Intricate, timeless and beautiful, lace is a preferred detailing for many lingerie designers. Lace garments are woven from cotton, silk or sometimes synthetic thread into an open-weave pattern. Though there are many types of lace, the most common found in lingerie include: bobbin or Chantilly lace, which creates a detailed, outlined design; crocheted lace, which creates flowing lines, scalloped edging and sometimes a "netted" appearance. Lace can be found on every area of the bra, even sewn over contour cups or affixed to shoulder straps.

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Mesh is a partially sheer, tightly woven knit fabric. When bra cups are constructed with mesh, the fabric choice provides a comfortable "give" for the breast tissue. Mesh is a light, airy fabric, meant to feel cool and dry on the body. Many molded cups are constructed with mesh and have seaming in place to conceal the nipple. Mesh bra fabrics give the garment a sexy look.

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Microfiber / Fiber Fill

Microfiber construction is most often found in seamless or t-shirt bras. Microfiber is a synthetic fabric, commonly made from a cotton polyester blend. A microfiber bra provides a smooth, sleek feel against the skin and is nearly invisible under clothing. A Microfiber bra is durable, keeps its shape and will wick moisture from the body. A microfiber bra that is lightly lined with fiber fill will conceal the nipple and create a rounded, well-supported silhouette.

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Satin is a soft but taut fabric with a glossy sheen. Bras with a satin construction hold the breasts up and in place without any extra padding or seaming. This bra fabric selection has little stretch, so it fits snug and secure on the body. Satin bras are beautiful and timeless!

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Sexy, yet functional, sheer fabrics help you show off a little skin. Bras with sheer fabric construction are usually double reinforced and sewn with complex seams to support and lift the breasts. In this way, fit and support are not compromised. Most molded cup and darted seam bras are constructed of sheer fabrics.

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Bras with Spacer technology create a near customized fit. A spacer bra reacts to your body heat and actually molds to the shape of your breasts and body. The spacer cup gives a rounded shape with a nicely centered and lifted presentation. Spacer technology uses simplex fabric to wick moisture from your body. Spacer bras leave you feeling especially fresh and light. The cup diminishes the appearance of the nipple and smooths out beautifully under clothes. Many women swear by their spacer bras!

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Once used for underskirts and petticoats, tulle is now often used for elegant, sexy bras and panties. Tulle, commonly referred to as netting, is a soft, tightly spun fabric, usually made from fine silk, cotton or nylon. It provides a light, airy feel and is usually only part of a garment's overall construction. Tulle is a supportive agent in a bra, as it is taut and keeps the breasts supported and in place. You will typically find tulle on a molded cup or multi-paneled bra.

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