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Bra Care Instructions

Bra Care Instructions

When it comes to Bits of Lace fine lingerie, hand washing is the only way to go. Properly caring for and preserving your lingerie comes down to washing it correctly. Although your washing machine may say Delicate Cycle, there is no cycle delicate enough for your fine European lingerie. Your bras will last for years if you hand wash them and frequently rotate your bra selection.  


Before you ever wash anything, consult the tags on the garment. If you choose to care for it differently than the tag advises, be aware that you may have waived all rights to a replacement should the garment be ruined.


Always check for colorfastness before dunking your entire garment in the water. A good way to test this is to dip a corner in water, hang it over a clean, white cloth (that you do not mind possibly staining), and check to see if any dye drips off. Many dark garments release some dye when they are washed, but it is always good to be aware of this so other garments you might be washing simultaneously are not tinted by the dye.


The best fabric wash to use is Forever New, which has been on the market for over twenty-five years. Forever New is an organic fabric wash which uses gentle ingredients to clean your lingerie and other hosiery. Forever New is available in the classic granule formulation, a liquid formula ideal for dark fabrics and an excellent stain remover perfect for even your most delicate fabrics. 


Forever New Washing Instructions:

Begin to fill the sink with lukewarm water

Add the Forever New fabric wash, and continue filling

Swish your hand in the water to mix in the fabric wash and add your delicates

Just as with regular laundry, wash like colors together.

Swish them for a minute or two, allow them to soak a few minutes more, then rinse twice.

Hang them to dry, taking care to reshape the cups if necessary.

Soak is a low-suds liquid and you don’t have to rinse it.  The dirt and detergent will come out in the water and whatever is left in the garment will disappear.  The hint of fragrance that is left will fade away.  It is suggested that you rinse your lingerie and swimwear, and this will affect how the agent cleans it will just remove any fragrance.  Soak is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, phosphate free and dye free.

Soak Washing Instructions:

Fill your sink with plenty of cool water to fully cover all of the garments you would like to wash

Pour a teaspoon (or one squeeze) of the liquid into the water and mix with your hand

Add them items you wish to clean, washing like colors together

Let your delicates set for 15 minutes, then rinse

Get rid of the excess water by squeezing gently, but do not wring or squeeze hard

Use a clean towel and roll your garments if needed.  Lay the items flat to dry, reshaping as you go.

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