When you think about fashion and your personal style, typically your bra and underwear wardrobe doesn’t come to mind. Shoes, handbags, clothes, and accessories encompass the essentials for your every day fashion, yet what most women don’t realize is that your personal style begins with your lingerie. Think about it- You wear a strapless dress…you need a strapless bra, you wear a backless shirt…you need a bandeau bra, and when you wear white pants… you need white seamless panties. Each day the first thing you put on is your undergarments and they have a significant impact on what you choose to wear for that day. Women have a tendency to fear non-basic lingerie because they believe it doesn’t adhere to their every day look. However, we have ways that you can incorporate on trend colors and styles for any type of outfit! Whether you realize it or not, the way you feel about yourself begins with your bra and underwear, so why not feel amazing EVERY day!

Office Wear:

Why the bra and panty work: The Prima Donna Kensington Demi bra will lift and center your breast, giving you subtle cleavage for the v-neck design. The lace embrodery is smooth to the cups and straps, and can not be seen through clothing. The full brief panty will sit higher on your hips, offering comfort and control.

AnnTAYLOR(Ann Taylor)

prima-donna-kensington-0162192-0662191-silver-glow-set(Prima Donna Kensington)

Date Night:

Why the bra and panty work: The NuBra is perfect for this dress because it is strapless and doesn’t have a back band. The bra will give you nipple concealment as well, which is essential when wearing silk fabrics. The Cosabella thong works because the lace fabric and thong style will prevent you from having any underwear lines seen through the dress.



(NuBra)cosabella(Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider)

Casual Outfit:

Why this bra and panty work: For this jumper you need the Marie Jo L’aventure Ito strapless bra and high waist panty. The jumper has a low v-neck and the bra provides a deep plunge to accompany that. The high rise panty will shape your waist and smooth out the sides of your hips.

S718701U14PLBBK(Diane von Furstenberg)

ito(Marie Jo L’aventure Ito)

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