Birthdays, anniversaries, and definitely Valentine’s Day are appropriate occasions for men to purchase lingerie for their romantic partner or spouse. Lingerie conjures up images of scantily clad women, but it is, in fact, a fancy word for intimate underwear. 


What Makes Lingerie Sexy

The only limitation to what makes lingerie sexy is the imagination of the woman wearing it and the man looking at it. When a woman wears lingerie that is not too revealing but just revealing enough, it can be intoxicating to her partner. The wearer should choose lingerie that flatters her body shape while making sure there is not too much skin showing all at once.

The allure of sexy lingerie also depends on the material it is made from: silk, satin, cotton, or lace. Pure fabrics are far more sensual than synthetic materials.


Know the Recipient

Whether it is your wife or girlfriend, be sure that you shop for something that suits their style and tastes. Sure, you might want to try something different, but do not make her feel uncomfortable by buying something that does not fit her personality.

Think about:

  • Does she wear thongs or bikinis?
  • What type of bra does she like to wear?
  • Does she wear long nightgowns, a t-shirt, or something else to bed?

In a pinch, wait until she is gone and take a look inside her lingerie drawer to get an idea of her likes and, perhaps, dislikes.


Lingerie Sizing

You will need to have at least some idea of her size. There are plenty of options for every shape and size, so don’t worry about the selection.

If you do not know her size (most men do not) check out her lingerie drawer or closet. Her bras, dresses, and other garments all have sizing labels.

If you do not know the size, opt for something less form-fitting like a teddy, camisole, or gown.


Special Advice on Bra Sizes

Bras define a woman’s comfort daily, and there are many different types from which to choose – strapless, sports, underwire, demi, push-up – the list goes on.

Women buy and wear bras for many different occasions and activities. The bra a woman wears will make or break her outfit. Wearing the wrong size and type of bra can ruin her look and the way she feels about herself.

A sexy bra is a great addition to any lingerie purchase. However, you need to take extra care when looking for the right bra:

  • Size

You must know her size. It is, of course, the most important step. Without knowing her size, there is no reason to continue with the purchase…

The easiest way to find out the right size is to look at the label in one of her bras, preferably one that is used daily.

  • Style

While you are checking the size of her bras, you need to also notice her style. You want to write down specific details like the cut and color or fabric. Are they mostly silk, cotton, or lace? And what colors does she wear? Red, for example, is a difficult color to wear under clothes and most women prefer neutral colors.   

Remember that buying the style she already wears will ensure she is comfortable. A comfortable woman is a confident woman! More importantly for the man, a confident woman is a sexy lady!


More on Bras

Before you go out and spend what can be hundreds of dollars on a specialty bra, it is worthwhile learning a bit about these pieces of intimate apparel.

About 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Most are wearing bras that are too big in the back and too small in the cups. Although sizing can vary slightly between brands, all follow a basic measurement system.

Understand there are different breast shapes. You need to pick the correct bra cut for the shape of your partner’s breasts. There are shallow breasts that look best in balconette or demi-cup bras; and there are tuberous breasts that need fuller underwire cups.

Make sure that you take into consideration any special circumstances, too. Certain things may cause a change in bra size, such as weight gain or pregnancy.



Panties have always been a mainstay of any lingerie outfit or lingerie shopping excursion. There are hundreds of styles to choose from including lacy, bikini, thong, boy shorts and hot pants.

You may even want to consider shopping for and including a set of men’s briefs to make the gift something that belongs to both of you (never forgetting, of course, your main focus).

Where to Shop

There are many places to shop for lingerie in stores or online. Ensure that you pick a retailer that has a good selection and  a track record that demonstrates a commitment to an excellent selection of quality products and customer service.


Reasons to Buy Lingerie Online

Buying lingerie online provides you with many benefits that you do not have when you buy lingerie from a brick and mortar store.

  • Privacy

One of the primary benefits of online lingerie shopping is privacy. You do not have to worry about being embarrassed.

You can look at whatever you want, even something more risqué than your original plan, without fear of anyone knowing.

  • Convenience

Shopping for lingerie online lets you do so at your convenience. You do not have to worry about store hours. You can go online early in the morning or late at night and still be able to purchase whatever you want.

  • Choices

You will find that online shopping for intimate apparel provides you with more choices and brands than any mall or stand-alone shop can offer.

Whether you’re buying a lace teddy, padded bra, or silky chemise, there is no limit to the beautiful and sensual products you can find online. It is a wonderful and exciting experience that will leave you waiting by your mailbox in anticipation.

  • Cost

Online retailers do not have the overhead expenses that brick and mortar stores do. These savings mean that the prices of their lingerie can be significantly lower. Many online stores ship free or for a nominal charge, too.


Learn the Lingo

Most men have no idea of the meaning of certain lingerie terms. Phrases like “demi cup,” or “plunge teddy,” or even “chemise” and “camisole” can sound like a foreign language at first.

Take the time to learn a bit about lingerie so that when you are ready to make a purchase, you know what to look for and what you are looking at!



Make sure that you budget enough for your lingerie shopping experience. Expect to pay more than you would for a mark-down dress or pantsuit at a cut-rate retailer. Good quality is expensive, but it is worth every penny.

That does not mean you need to spend thousands of dollars. You do, however, want to take your time and choose just the right piece that complements your wife or girlfriend’s tastes as well as your own.

Remember to check the return policy and the online cancellation terms, too!



Even men with no fashion sense can usually tell the difference between polyester and silk. If you make the effort to buy lingerie for your significant other, you should make sure that you buy something that will last and doesn’t exude tacky or cheap.

Just because something costs a lot does not mean it is high-quality. Review the offerings on the website, do your homework, and make sure that the merchant is reliable, and carries a variety of types and brands like Anita, Celestine, Conturelle, or DIMR.


Keep in Mind a Few Tricks

For the totally clueless, keep in mind the basics. Black, for example, is always flattering no matter what her body type might be. You cannot go wrong with silk, either, unless your sweetheart is a vegan..

Always remember: It is the thought that counts. Do not hesitate to be a bit more adventurous than you might, by nature, tend to be.



Make your lingerie giving something special. Do not just present it to her in a shopping bag or plain cardboard box. Consider having it elegantly gift wrapped. A hand-tied bow, a hand-written card, and perhaps some small additional gift will add to the ambiance of the moment.

This should be a special gift for a special someone. It can spice up not only your sex life, but also your relationship in general. So, take the time and effort to properly present it to her.


More on Style

She will look at the label. You do not want to spoil this by deciding on some off-brand that will be “off-putting” to your significant other.

Name brands do not necessarily equate to good taste, either. If you do your research, you will find that brands like Marie Jo L’Aventure, Prima Donna, and Simone Perele; while they may not be designers you may have heard of they are excellent brands.


Don’t Be Afraid

Intimate lingerie is typically fun and for special occasions. It is not something most wear every day.

Do not be afraid to go a little wild in your purchasing choices. Buying lingerie should take you outside your comfort zone. Think about it, think about her, and then reflect on how you can spice up your love life in a tasteful and exciting way.


Buying Lingerie for Vacation

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife and surprising her with it while on vacation is an excellent way to spice up your holiday. This is when you should remember your “wild side”.

Surprise her with a different piece of lingerie for every night of your vacation. Buy her a different style of underwear for each day, and present it to her as a surprise each night.

This could include:

  • Stockings and garter belts
  • Peekaboo and crotchless underwear
  • Silk robe
  • Undersized baby doll pajamas
  • Sexy bra and panties set
  • Lacy negligee


Plus Size Buying

Lingerie for plus-size women can be every bit as intimate and sexy as petite-sized garments.

There are great selections of plus size lingerie made by various brand name companies.

The actual size of the garment does not affect the selection. Plus size lingerie items available include things like:

  • Corsets
  • Demi Bras
  • Full Cup Bras
  • Low-rise panties
  • Thongs
  • Baby-doll pajamas
  • Various styles of shapewear bodysuits


Final Thoughts

By following these tips and educating yourself on the different styles and brands of lingerie, you can ensure your gift will be something truly special. Just remember that, whatever you buy, the thought and effort you put into it is what makes the present worthwhile to her.