Lingerie was first developed in the late nineteenth century as a way to free women from the constricted and unattractive undergarments of the time. Since then, lingerie has come a long way and today’s garments are made with comfortable, high-quality fabrics and diverse designs. If you’re thinking about buying lingerie for the very first time, shake off your nerves and get excited! Lingerie is empowering and we fully believe that there is a perfect piece out there for everyone!

We understand that not everyone is familiar with lingerie or how to find the best pieces for your body, but have no fear- that’s where we come in! If you need some guidance, read through the following 11 tips about how to have a comfortable and successful lingerie buying experience!



For some first-time lingerie buyers, the overall experience can be a little nerve-racking. Like any new situation, you may not be sure what you’re getting yourself into or what to expect. Fortunately, if you’re headed to a lingerie store, the professionally trained staff will be more than qualified to help you find your fit. Whatever your shopping style, we encourage you to relax and try to fully enjoy the experience. Take your time, try on a variety of styles, and you’ll be sure to find the pieces that make you feel your absolute best!


Trust the Professionals

If you’re looking for high-quality lingerie that you can wear for a very long time, we definitely recommend shopping at a lingerie-specific store. You can be sure that the people working there love lingerie and are deeply knowledgeable. These stores have a wider selection, higher quality pieces, and most importantly, helpful employees with a strong passion for helping you find the pieces that make you feel amazing! 


Get Sized

Wearing properly sized undergarments is absolutely crucial to being comfortable and properly supported, but, unfortunately 85% of women are wearing the wrong size. In light of this, we highly recommend getting sized by a professional to figure out your exact bra size. This service is free, and will make your shopping so much easier. Once properly fitted, you can use these measurements to determine your lingerie style. If you’re going to be invest in lingerie, we certainly want you to feel 100% supported!


Highlight Your Favorite Assets

Lingerie is meant to make you feel good about your body, so we encourage you to try and find pieces that highlight your favorite assets. Women who are proud of their chest may want to consider shelf bras, corsets, or a beautiful bustier. Alternatively, those who are proud of their bottoms may want to consider looking for fun cheeky panties, garter belts, or thongs.

There are lots of other fun pieces that you can add to an outfit, such as kimonos (robes), camisoles, and bodysuits. If you’re nervous about your mid-section, you could consider a one piece bodysuit or a light robe. Lingerie caters to the variety of curves on the female body, so be adventurous and try on different pieces- you may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

If you’re lingerie shopping for someone else, consider buying a piece that shows off a part of your partner’s body that you love. You can ask a salesperson for help in this area, and explain to them what you’re looking for.


Choose Confidence

If you’re trying on pieces that don’t make you feel comfortable, then keep shopping! Lingerie is just like clothing- every company will have a different fit and look, so give yourself time to sift through the options. Look for items that make you look and feel good. Lingerie is all about confidence.If you’re having a hard time, try to remind yourself that we are always our toughest critic. Your partner will think you look amazing no matter what you choose!


Look for Quality

When you’re buying lingerie, it’s important that you look for high value pieces that are going to last many years. Since lingerie is worn so close to the body, it’s best to choose pieces made of higher quality materials that will be gentler on your skin. Cheaper materials may cause irritation or discomfort, which is never ideal.


Bring Outfit Pieces with You

If you’re looking for lingerie to go with a specific outfit, it’s a good idea to bring those pieces with you when you go shopping. This way you can match colors and textures together, and see how certain combinations look. Show your outfit or accessories to a store clerk to give them inspiration. They will know the store’s product lines and may be able to help you find the perfect piece to pair with your outfit.


Bring a Friend

Sometimes bringing along a trusted friend to offer opinions and advice can ease the shopping experience. Everyone has that one friend who will always be honest and make any situation fun. If you’re nervous, bring someone who can help you relax and give you constructive feedback.


Try Something New

If it’s your first time lingerie shopping and you have no idea where to start, a fun rule of thumb is to pick items that you wouldn’t normally wear. For example, if you tend to wear classic neutrals, try looking for pieces that are bright and colorful. Not usually a frilly kind of girl? Try on items from the embellished section- you might just surprise yourself with how good you look in lace! If you’re buying lingerie for someone else, pick out something you like and think they would look amazing in. They’ll love knowing you picked it out with them in mind!


If Giving Lingerie As A Gift- Give It Early

Giving the gift of lingerie is always fun, but if you’re giving it as a gift to be worn right away you may want to consider giving it a couple of days early. This way the individual has a few days  to get used to it or potentially exchange it for a different size/style if needed.


Get a Few Different Looks

If it’s your first time buying lingerie, we suggest getting a few different pieces that you can mix together for different looks- this way, you aren’t always reaching for the same piece. Not sure if you know how to rock your lingerie? There are certainly some dos and don’ts, but it’s always good rule of thumb to keep things simple and sexy. 


Above all else, when buying lingerie, visiting a lingerie-specific shop and utilizing the store’s highly knowledgeable employees will allow you to have the most successful experience possible. These professionals are passionate about what they do and make it their mission to help you to feel comfortable finding the pieces that make you fee amazing. Happy shopping!