A wonderfully-fitting bra is so much more than just the number and letter combination on the tag. There are many other factors to consider before you find your perfect fit. Let the Bra Fit Specialists from Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie give you a few tips. Here are the three most important things to keep in mind:


Most women are wearing a totally incorrect bra band size, which is the most important piece of your overall bra fit. The right band should position the breasts  at a 90 degree angle against the body. If you have been refit for a smaller band size than you normally wear(the situation most women find themselves in), it may feel snug. Please, don’t immediately dismiss it as “too snug” or “too small”, it will gradually loosen. This band sensation will feel different because you were in the wrong size for too long!

A quick band fit guide:

  • Your bra band back panel should sit level with the front center bridge. If your band rides up on your back, it is too big.
  • The center bridge of your bra must make direct contact with your chest. It should not lift or gap.
  • Look for bras with minimal stretch in the back band. Bras with too much elastine tend to dig into the back. Brands like Prima Donna and Empreinte are great brands to try.
  • The band aborbs over 80% of the breasts’ weight! The band should relieve pressure from your shoulders. The right band size will give you incredible lift and support, forever changing your outlook on bra fitting.

Refer to the Bits of Lace Bra Size Guide and double check your current size against the Bits of Lace size chart. Consult a Bits of Lace Bra Fit Specialist for help selecting your new bra.


The right size cup provides a comfortable space for your breasts to sit. The correct cup size will smoothly transition form the breasts to the top of the cup, regardless of the bra style or cut.

How do your cups measure up? Here’s a quick check:

  • Are your breasts bulging over the cup or seeping beneath the underwire? Your cups are too small. Move up one cup size at a time until achieve a seamless look.
  • Are your cups wrinkling, sagging or slipping? If so, they are too large. Move down one cup size at a time until you find a smooth cup to breast transition.
  • Are your straps constantly falling off your shoulders? While there are a handful of possible causes, the most common is that your cups are too big. This creates extra slack at the top of the cup, translating into slipping straps.

The most apparent of all bra fitting issues are cup fitting faux pas. Your cups are responsible for giving you either an unappealing or phenomenal look. We say, always choose  “phemonemal.”


Certain clothing styles work best on certain body shapes. The same philosophy goes for bras. Bra manufacturers smartened up years ago and began designing a variety of bra styles to match the many body types, activities and special occasions in a woman’s world. There is a style to fit your mood, your occasion, your body type and your breast shape. No two bras that will fit the same. Try on a variety of styles and you will begin to recognize the uniqueness of each style.

Overwhelmed by bra style options? Here’s an outline of the most common. Read our bra style guide for a more advanced explanation.

  • Every modern woman needs a Seamless T-shirt Bra. T-shirt bras serve multiple functions, but above all else, they are super comfortable and versatile. They’ll give you a smooth, rounded shape under close fitting outfits and keep your nipples concealed.
  • Too many good nights have turned sour from constantly tugging and adjusting a strapless bra. Don’t settle for this. Try on a few brands before you commit. Pay attention to the cup’s shape how much breast tissue it contains. Move around in it: does it move with you or does it stay put? Patience in the fitting room is key!
  • Every woman deserves to feel sexy. Treat yourself to a plunge or demi/balconette bra. Aside from being beautiful and elegant, these styles support, shape and can double as an everyday selection.
  • Tired of cleavage? Try a  full cup or comfort cup bra. These styles completely contain your breast tissue and make your curves look fabulous. Many full cup bras also do a fantastic job as minimizers.
  •  Most women need at least three basic everyday bras, one black and one nude plunge, one black and nude strapless, and at least two fashion styles to round out you wardrobe.

When you recognize the difference between styles, cuts and shapes of bras, you’ll forever change your perception of bra shopping and maybe even have a little fun!