Upcoming Lingerie Trends for the Spring Bridal Season

Lacing up wedding dressSo much thought and planning goes into every aspect of your wedding day to ensure that every minute is perfect. As you plan your wedding style and create your bridal look, don’t forget to plan for your lingerie needs. Finding the right foundation garments is an absolute must to keep you comfortable and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

While fine lingerie is timeless, there are some exciting new styles to keep every spring bride feeling confident and pampered on her wedding day and the special events surrounding the big event.

Must-Haves for the Boudoir Shoot

The boudoir shoot trend exploded a few years ago, and it looks like it here to stay. For many brides, this pre-wedding photo op is taking the place of the more traditional bridal portraits. Giving the groom a little book of boudoir pictures the night before the wedding is both a sweet and sexy gift, but those photos are also a great record of one of the happiest times in your life. Yet, how do you choose the perfect pieces for your photos? Take your cues from your bridal style.

Candid boudoir shot of bride

Confidence-Boosting Lingerie


White lingereChoosing your lingerie can be daunting. Some women opt for just-barely-there panties while others are more modest, with peek-a-boo babydolls or chemises. Your first goal is to ensure your own comfort! Don’t feel pressured to put on anything less or more than you want. Lingerie with a proper fit is also essential to making you look and feel your best.

This is definitely an occasion to splurge. A high-end boutique has the knowledge and experience to guide your choices and put you in the perfect size. Here are a few popular trends to incorporate into your shoot:

  • Lace: This popular bridal mainstay is still the number one choice for brides. If your gown incorporates lace, it’s a great idea to choose a piece of lingerie that will be reminiscent of your gown’s pattern.
  • Veils: Long, cathedral length veils are another gorgeous trend that isn’t going anywhere. If you are wearing a veil, that’s another perfect piece to incorporate. Choose a flirty bra and panty set to pair with a garter belt, and wrap yourself up in your veil for the shoot.
  • Color: White is no longer the only color on the bridal runways. Designers and brides are choosing more color than ever before to fit every personality. Don’t feel obligated to stick with traditional white lingerie if you are a colorful bride!

Getting-Ready Staples


One of your most cherished wedding memories will be getting ready with your bridesmaids before the ceremony. Spending quality time with the closest and most supportive women in your life is the perfect beginning to such a meaningful day. Since your photographer will definitely be there to capture every giggle and tear, make sure you choose a “getting-ready” outfit for the photos.

Pick something super comfortable that opens in the front or slips off easily so you can transition from loungewear to your gown without ruining your hair and makeup artist’s hard work. This is also a great opportunity for gifts for your bridal party. Choosing matching outfits for everyone will result in amazing group photos.

Robes and Rompers


Your loungewear for getting ready for the event should be something comfortable. Your wedding morning will have enough anxiety without worrying about a quick wardrobe change. Robes and rompers are the perfect choices precisely for this reason. There are thousands of options available, but there are a few trends that are guaranteed to be popular this spring.
Robe and Romper Trends

  • Monograms: There’s a saying that a Southern woman will monogram anything, and that trend is heartily embraced recently in the bridal world. Instead of choosing a piece of loungewear that says “Bride” or “Bridesmaid,” have everyone’s initials sewn onto the getting-ready outfits. If you subscribe to the superstition that it is bad luck to wear your new initials before the ceremony, choose just your first initial.
  • Patterns: Gone are the days of monochrome! Today’s modern bride is incorporating floral, tropical, or geometric patterns into her getting-ready trousseau. Instead of choosing something solid white, spice your look up a bit with a white-based pattern. If you’re buying for your bridesmaids as well, look for a pattern with a white base and a different color base to tie everyone’s looks together for a unified but individual look.
  • Pajama Sets: If a robe or romper is not your style, the pajama set trend was made for you. Sets with shorts or pants coupled with a button-down top are a cute and super comfortable way to spend your morning getting dolled up.


Essential Shapewear


Shape forming underwearYou will need to decide what to wear under your gown before the custom fittings with your tailor, so shop for foundation garments shortly after purchasing your gown. Decide what you will need – bras, panties, and shapers are the most common items, though each bride is unique in her choices.

Just because these pieces are doing some heavy lifting, that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful! Look for delicate trims and subtle patterns so you feel your best on your happy day. Your foundation garments are also a good place to sneak in a little something blue!

Plunging Vs and Backless


The absolute hottest trends for this spring are daring gowns with deep V-necklines, carefully placed cutouts, and open backs, but that can make it tricky to choose your foundation pieces. Some women will feel confident with just some bra cups sewn into their gown, but for those who want to feel more secure or need more support, the lingerie world has innovative designs that rise to the challenge.

For a deep V, consider a bodysuit with a “U” front. This can multitask as a pair of panties, and a bottom and thigh sculptor as well. If the idea of a bodysuit doesn’t appeal to you, look for a long-line bra with the “U” front.

If even these plunge bras are not deep enough, you can also consider adhesive bra cups. These adhere right to your skin to give you support with the absolute minimum surface area. Backless dresses require an adhesive bra or bra cups to avoid showing.

Supportive Strapless


The neckline of the brideWhile straps are appearing on more gown designs, strapless will always be a classic bridal silhouette. Some women shy away from this style because they are afraid their undergarment will slip, and they will have to discreetly pull it up all night.

If you’ve chosen a strapless gown, there are a few different options for support, depending on your size and your gown, that will ensure it stays right where you want it. If your gown has a supportive internal structure complete with boning, consider forgoing a bra for sewn-in bra cups.

If your gown is less structured, or if you need more support to ensure a smooth look without wrinkles, there are plenty of options to keep you worry-free all day:

  • Traditional Strapless Bra: We all have one in our lingerie drawers, but for your wedding day, invest in a new strapless bra that has been fitted by a professional to ensure comfortable support. These will work best for small-busted women who need just a little more “oomph” under that gown.
  • Long-Line Bra: This bra silhouette straddles the line between a traditional strapless and a full-length bustier. Usually extending just to the end of the ribcage, these bras are great for small- and large-busted women alike because they provide the extra support without restricting motion.
  • Bustier: A bustier can be as much a choice of style as it is of support. While only large-busted and plus-size brides really need the support of a full bustier, this undergarment radiates a little extra sex-appeal for a confidence boost when it’s time to reveal what you are wearing under your gown. A bustier is also a great choice for a bride who wants a little extra tummy control in addition to bust support.


Slimming Sculptors


You’ve probably been hard at work to look your absolute best in that amazing dress, but even the best of us can appreciate a little help. Bridal gown trends are getting slimmer and more fitted, so it can feel like a lot of pressure to look absolutely perfect in that shape. Smooth your wedding look with the right sculpting undergarments and feel radiant all night. You will feel confident that you are looking your absolute best so you can smile for the camera to capture all the treasured moments.

  • Tummy Control: If your midsection is the only area that concerns you, look for a bustier, high-waist brief, or body suit that offers a control panel to help you feel your best. Definitely try it on with your gown at a fitting to ensure your seamstress gives you the best fit.
  • Bottom and Thighs: Have you ever met a woman who didn’t worry about her bottom and thighs? If you want extra tummy control along with the bottom and thighs, a high-waist, long leg brief will give you the support you want. These garments will give you the control and support you need for the perfect silhouette.

Pretty Panties


Woman in pink underwear on bedYou’ll probably put most of your undergarment thoughts into the bra you want to wear but don’t forget your bottom half.  Unless you’ve chosen a body suit or shaper brief, you’ll want something to slip on under your gown. Treat yourself and splurge on that sexy lace thong or the delicate silk brief that you’ve been coveting.

If friends throw you a lingerie shower, there is no doubt you will have plenty of intimate options! Try them on with your gown at your fitting, just to make sure there are no lines and that no color shows through your gorgeous dress. The special care you take with choosing your undergarments will help you feel beautiful during the event and when it’s time to be alone with your new spouse.

The Honeymoon


Whether you’re flying off to a tropical paradise or strolling through romantic European cities, your honeymoon is the vacation of a lifetime. You’ll want comfortable everyday lingerie to wear during your trip, but you should also consider packing a few sexy pieces as well. You and your hubby will be giddy about your new marital status, so it is a perfect time to embrace a couple of new pieces of lingerie to spice things up!

Flattering Pieces for New Beginnings


Even if you and your fiancé have been together for a long time, your honeymoon is the best time to surprise him with something new! Choose a couple of new pieces that are a little different than anything you’ve worn in the past. With lingerie designers pushing the limits and catering to every imaginable taste and body shape, it should be easy to pick out an alluring chemise or peek-a-boo teddy that shows off a new aspect of your style and personality.

Woman on bed in white lingereYour honeymoon is also the perfect time to go for the bold colors and daring designs you’ve always admired but never tried. Just a subtle change will show your new spouse that you still have a few tricks up your sleeve.

You’ll also want to pack some comfortable loungewear and sleepwear for your romantic vacation. A plush robe will be perfect for those room service breakfasts in bed and for wrapping up after a relaxing bath.

If you’ve chosen a warm destination, a lightweight cotton nightgown is the best way to sleep cool and comfortable. If you’re not the nightgown type, a little cami and hot pant short set is the perfect balance of sexy and relaxed. Let your destination guide your choices. Don’t forget to pack some gorgeous everyday bras and panties that you can wear on your day adventures.



While bridal trends may ebb and flow, high-quality lingerie is a timeless investment that you will never regret. The right pieces can give you the confidence to stand up a little straighter and fully enjoy every moment of one of the most special days of your life. Indulge in some special pieces to help you feel your absolute best during your joyous occasion.

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