default_09-05193-2014PD-2New gym membership- check! Five pairs of Lululemon leggings- check! Scuff free Nike sneakers– check, check, and check! But before you get too excited about working out in your latest fitness gear at Soul Cycle, ask yourself this: are the support of your sports bras compatible with the intensity of your workouts?

It’s safe to assume you’ve all seen some type of YouTube video of a woman running in slow motion (if you haven’t, here’s one!)  According to The Huffington Post, research has found that only 50% of your breast movement is up and down. The other half includes side-to-side and forwards and backwards movements. The breast tissues are made up of what are called, Cooper’s ligaments. Without proper cup support and a secure fit, these fibrous connections can stretch over time causing your boobies to, “sag” (ugh, we cringe at that word!). Not to mention, lack of support puts you at higher risk for pain in your neck and back. And for those of you who think wearing your basic bra underneath your sports bra is effective, let us be the first to tell you, it’s not.

Hear Crystal’s story…


When shopping for the perfect fit and style, there are a few things to consider:

Band Width & Size– Since 90% of your support comes from your band, choose a style that has a wider and more tightly fitted band. If the band is riding up your back, then we recommend going down a band size.

Strap Width & Adjustment– The larger the width of your straps are, the better the weight distribution is in the cups. Adjustable straps are great because they provide more comfort to your shoulders.

High Neckline– A higher neckline ensures that your breasts are fully covered and secured into the cup. Avoid the look of cleavage or “spilling over”, those are obvious indications that you’re not wearing the best size.


Depending on the intensity of your movements, the Anita Dynamix, Momentum, Active, and Extreme Control are designed with different levels of support. Cup sizes range from A-H!

The Marie Jo Intense Action Arrow and Energy Beads Contour Spacer offer three times the support of a normal bra and are made with fast drying fabrics that wick away moisture. Cup sizes range from A-H!

(Anita Dynamix)


(Anita Momentum)


(Anita Momentum Underwire)


(Anita Active Extreme Control)


(Anita Active Front Closure)


(Marie Jo Action Arrow)


(Marie Jo Intense Energy Beads Contour Spacer)

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