When I think about slips, I am instantly transported to my childhood. A time when needing a slip was a fun excuse for a mother-daughter department store shopping trip. She, needing to find the right slip to smooth out her dress. Me, needing an anti-static cling layer between my thick tights and Sunday best.

The days of my mother dressing me, are well, long gone. The days of becoming my mother (beauty secrets and all) have arrived. I’ve resigned to the realization that Mom was right. Some products and underpinnings really are that important, namely slips.

This season’s barrage of sheer and tissue-thin designs aren’t limited to tanks and blouses. Sure, a sheer shirt and a little bra show-through is sexy. Visible panty lines and waistbands on the other hand,  most women happily left that trend behind sometime after “The Thong Song” dropped off the Billboard Top 100.

This year almost every dress I try on leaves me dumbfounded, pulling girlfriends and dressing room attendants aside to ask, “Are you sure you can’t see through this?” Dressing room lights are no match for a bright, back-lit Sunday morning. Yep, you definitely couldn’t see through that dress at the store, yet upon arrival to brunch, your entire group of friends can see your panty choice. We’ve all been there, and I’d personally rather not go again.

This year, let’s erase the Slip Stigma. Slips don’t have to be matronly, long or scratchy. Bits of Lace carries brands like Farr West, Spanx and Body Wrap that serve very modern, very important functions.

  • Slips smooth out panty lines, bumps and figure flaws for ladies of all ages. If you’ve chosen a bikini panty to wear beneath your dress, add a slip to the ensemble and you’ll be free of panty lines.
  • Slips add a layer of resistance between you and your bottom of choice, allowing you to move around freely without your panties sticking to your clothing.
  • Wear a lacey, full length slip under a plunging dress and you have yourself a pretty decorative neckline. No need to worry about double stick tape or safety pins to keep your bra from showing.
  • Slips come in a variety of sizes, lengths and fabrics. My favorite brand, Farr West, has the most hearty offering of styles. Take your pick of virtually any style, ranging from 15-31″ inch half slips, to 18-31″ inch full slips. Far West slips come in satin, silk and lace. Some have a sexy vintage look, some are just plain functional. Farr West waistbands are thin and lie flat on the body, leaving you free of any extra volume around your midsection.

You need not deny this age-old beauty secret. Give slips a chance. Take your pick of slips from Bits of Lace.com or our Charleston, SC boutique.