If you’ve ever fallen victim to a fashion color craze (personally- hot pink stirrup pants in 1991 and giant gold metallic belts in 2005), you have probably also wondered how and why you, along with everyone else were so caught up.

Many designers take cues from world-reknowned authorities on color like Pantone when creating their future collections. Here at Bits of Lace, we are obsessed with this fall’s gorgeous range of teals on lingerie. Back in February, “Deep Teal” was predicted to be one of the hottest colors for women’s fashion in fall 2011 by Pantone’s color experts. It was described as, “a strong, blue-toned green, suggests ocean depths and the color of the sky as daylight descends into darkness.” If that description isn’t sexy enough, take a look at Marie Jo’s interpretation of deep teal.

Marie Jo Does Teal


From the Marie Jo Florence Collection, comes the most beautiful bodysuit we’ve laid our eyes on this season. The teal used for this piece is so deep and rich that it shimmers. Teal, paired with tiny, highly detailed floral embroidery and a sheer lace panel along the back, make this bodysuit seriously stunning.

Next up, is a beautiful combination of brushed gold and dark teal for Marie Jo’s Valentine collection. (Early Christmas holiday shoppers, take notice. These pieces will make fabulous gifts.) Pictured is the Valentine Push Up Bra, Garter Belt and LuxuryThong.

 Marie Jo L’Aventure’s fashion forward collection this season comes via designer Veronique Branquinho. She used her own take on teal to create her art-inspired collection with a deep emerald green. The opaque and shiny fabrics used for each piece look super sleek and modern in emerald.

Join the teal color craze with us!