Being that we live in Charleston, it seems only fitting that our Countdown to Christmas would include a gift idea that reminds us of sunny days and cocktails by the pool! Whether you, or someone you know, have plans to travel some place warm for the holidays- or cold (hot tub anyone!?), our latest arrivals of Empreinte and Prima Donna Swimwear will surely make you look and feel amazing!

French brand, Empreinte, is known for their high quality and intricately detailed lingerie. It goes without saying, that Empreinte has a true understanding of a woman’s body, creating pieces that not only fit well, but that also, are romantic in style. Their swimsuits are designed and constructed under the same standard of excellence, making these suits a lasting staple. There are five key points that make Empreinte swimsuits so appealing. First, the suits are made with a Lycra/Knit fabric blend that gives a natural body shaping effect. Second, the inner structure of the bust is cut and stitched similar to a corset, which lift and center the breasts. Thirdly, the cup design and construction are made-to-measure, which means identical sizing and depth. Lastly, the adjustable straps adapt to any body shape or size, and the high quality finish on the seams make for a flattering fit.

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Below: Sublime Azur and Nautic Azur

Nautic_azur_1p_DEF Sublime_azur_1p_DEFIf you’re looking for a swimsuit for more cup support then look no further! European brand, Prima Donna, has a swimwear line that is uniquely designed to fit like shapewear, including underwire in the cups. The side seam construction is positioned further forward so that your waist line appears slimmer…now that’s the gift that keeps on giving! The one-piece swimsuits offer asymmetrical draping, keeping your tummy concealed and contoured.

PrimaDonna_Swim-Riviera_BlueMoon_2_low-resPrimaDonna_Swim-Cocktail_SummerGreen_2_low-resPrimaDonna_Swim-Cocktail_SummerGreen_low-resAuthor: McKenzie Welch (

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