Eres‘ Head Designer Valerie Delafosse is our kind of woman. Recently celebrating five years with the Parisian swimwear and lingerie company, this fashion visionary sat down with the New York times last summer to explain the method behind her beautiful madness. Eres swimwear is known for seamlessly blending the cutting-edge with the classic. In Delafosse’s interview with the Times, she admits she’s not even sure what trendy is, her intuition guides her design. She explained, “Since I started at Eres I have always felt that I was working on a very long story and every season I develop a bit more of that same story.”

Well, let me just say that I’d like to be part of the story this season. Eres Summer 2012 Swimwear Collection borrows inspiration from the scents, colors and culture of Greece, Syria and Egypt. The bright orange, violet, grape, gold and turquoise suits hanging on Bits of Lace walls have officially reignited my wanderlust. Until I find a decent airfare on Kayak for my own inspirational Mediterranean and Mid-East trek, I’m hoping a new Eres swimsuit will suffice…

Aside from a color palate likened to Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra jewels, bustling bazaars and Greece’s blue-topped buildings, Eres is bursting with many spirited details. Discover drapery, jewel-like metal fittings, graphic cut-outs and bold color-blocking. Somewhere in the mix of triangle two-pieces, bandeau and brief bikinis, ruched one-pieces and the essential black swimsuit, you’ll find the perfect piece for your body shape and personal style.

The Eres team is mostly female: a true testament to their belief in creating swimwear that really appeals to women. Eres is like your best friend shopping consultant. They already know what’s going to look good on you- your only painful task is choosing between colors.  Eres swimsuits employ every supportive, body-sculpting technology to ensure you look awesome all over. Their jersey-cotton-lycra blend makes a soft, comfortable, insta-dry suit.

An Eres swimsuit is a true investment. Eres devotees seasonally grab their suits from the closet to discover the same vibrant color, sturdy fabric and body-trimming fit they purchased years ago. Though re-imagined and recolored each season, the Eres look and design never goes out of style. Whether I make it to the Greek Isles or settle for a trip down the road to Sullivan’s Island, I’ll have my Eres swimsuit in tow.

Need an Eres Swimsuit of your own? Visit or call Bits of Lace (1-800-842-3900) for pricing and sizing information. Check us out on Facebook to see the suits we have in store.