For some women, searching for the perfect swimsuit- as in one that magically sheds 15 pounds- is a terribly dreadful process. The fit must be flattering, the color striking, and the fabric durable. There are many issues that affect your swim apparel during the summer such as color fade, fabric picking, and loss of elasticity. However, there is one swimwear brand that has reinvented the wheel when it comes to superior quality. The French brand, Eres, is known for their modern and simplistic designs, executing styles that illustrate the natural curves of a woman. In fact, Eres has been quoted as being the “little black dress of swimwear”.  Using absolutely no boning or padding, Eres creates swimsuits that are comfortable, unique in style, and provide excellence in quality. If you’re sick of buying a new swimsuit every season or holiday trip, then let us give you 5 reasons for why you should own an Eres suit…you’ll be surprised what you learn about this incredible swimsuit!

Oh, and did we mention, the company was bought by Chanel in 1996…pure elegance!


1. Original “EresDNA” Fabric

-The exclusive patented fabric content is made-up of a polymid and spandex mix. Noted as Peau Douce and Parachute, the materials sculpt and support the body from the bodice to the waist. It’s like shapewear you can swim in!

2. Quick Dry Time

-There is nothing worse than stepping out of the pool and having to walk around in a wet swimsuit. With an Eres, you can expect less than a minute dry time- imagine how life changing that is! The secret is found in the Parachute fabric which is designed to wick away water immediately.

3. No Color Fading

-Luckily, you won’t see the beautiful hues of an Eres fade into the Fall season. The company scientifically tests the fabric under the harshest conditions such as UV rays, chlorine, sand, and saltwater!

4. Pick, No More!

-Sitting on the edge of the pool or in the sand is a staple activity in the summer, and there’s nothing more annoying than those little picks all over your bum! Eres ensures that their swimsuits will not pick under these conditions, staying smooth and sleek all throughout the years!

5. They’re so dang cute!

-Aside from all the amazing features this product offers, the suits are absolutely gorgeous! They are beautifully patterned, brightly colored, and cut into innovative designs! Truly one of a kind!


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Author: McKenzie Welch (mckenzie@bitsoflace.com)

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