As spring quickly approaches, we at Bits of Lace could not be more excited for our new spring arrivals! Each Collection from Marie Jo and Prima Donna are complete with reds, blues and yellows, reminding us of what we learned in kindergarten: the possibilities are endless with these three colors. Let’s take a peek at our favorite reds, yellows, and blues! Our favorite Reds:

The Cache Cache Collection from Prima Donna Twist is a sultry red that reminds us of the red carpet. This bra screams cute and comfy and is a must for those who love Prima Donna but want to add a little something extra to their lingerie collection. The contoured cup is perfect for sizes D-H who need a little extra coverage.



The Tom, enough said. Our favorite every day, comfortable, supportive bra for those of us who prefer a contour cup is the perfect scarlet red to take the place of your black. Wear it as with halters, racerbacks and t-shirts. This is our go to bra!

The Joanne Collection by Marie Jo is to die for! With lace embroidery on the cups, a little tulle on the straps, topped off with a bow it doesn’t get more feminine than this. This demi cup bra is really pretty, but can still be worn under your tops and spring dresses.

This is just a few of the collection available, there are plenty other styles that are available in red! Take a peek at our new arrival collections at

Hello, Sunshine! That’s how we feel about all of the yellow throughout the collections!

The Happiness Collection by Prima Donna Twist; It makes us happy! With a geometric pattern, a little lace trim, and sweet buttons how couldn’t we be? It’s comfortable and supportive all while giving a lift, what more could a girl need? The molded cup bra (non-padded) is perfect for those D-H cup who are looking to minimize with maintaining a sexy, round shape.


Marie Jo hit it right on the nose with the Ella Collection. Ella comes in Mango, so juicy we want to take a bite! Its smooth straps and lace detail on the cups make it perfect under tops but something we want to show off to everyone. This lace bra is the epitome of the season. The Ella is sure to be one of our favorites as we head from spring to summer.

Eliott by Marie Jo L'aventure

The Elliot is perfect because it is not solid yellow but the geometric print gives just the right amount so you feel like a ray of sunshine. With this bra the possibilities are endless with what tops or dresses you might wear. Try this in the molded cup; the light fabric will keep you cool from summer to spring. You can wear this under lighter colors and darker colors making it the go to bra with a dash of sunshine! I tried this one on yesterday and definitely will be buying it!

Keep a look out for pockets full of sunshine in all ready to wear collections this spring.

These blues aren’t making us blue one bit! The range of the shade makes it difficult to pick which ones we must have, so here are a few that are sure to brighten up your spring.

Eloise by Marie Jo in Clearwater

Avero Yacht Blue

The Eloise is perfection at its finest. The Clearwater color reminds us of the Caribbean or the shores of the Keys. The flower detail is kind of like the Jane but a smaller design. Try this in the padded balconnet, for a great look with low cut tops. The straps have the floral design up them, so if someone does get a sneak peak it is no big deal!

If you love your Avero in caffe latte you are going to be so excited for the new color: Yacht Blue. With this shade, we deserve to be on a yacht! The classic flower strap with alternating Yacht Blue and white is the perfect combo. We are dying for this to come in so we can wear it wherever we go!

Prima Donna Pompadour

Last, but certainly not least is the Pompadour by Prima Donna. The opal shade reminds us of Cinderella! Definitely fit for a princess the Pompadour collection will become a staple in your wardrobe if you wear the Satin, the Madison, or the Deauville. This is the perfect staple to add to your full cup collection.

With a variety of shades in primary colors you are sure to find your favorite bras and panties in whichever style you choose!