As the weather gets cooler with the onset of fall and rapidly approaching winter, the desire to snuggle up on the couch with your favorite fleece blanket and coziest comfy clothes is powerful. Add a roaring fire and a cup of tea, and … boom! You’re on your way to a relaxing evening to read, watch TV, or just enjoy the crackling sounds coming from the fireplace.

Woman in white silk robeWhile everyone has their personal favorites, there are some great cozy loungewear options that can be super snuggly and even versatile. Have to run out early Saturday morning to bring your kid to practice? Throw on the perfect pair of yoga pants and fleece zip-up so you can be comfy and presentable should you run into a talkative mom at the field.

It is also a great outfit for just chilling on the porch with a cup of coffee while you admire the changing leaves around your yard. Fleece is incredibly soft but if you want to take it to the next level, the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Hoodie is something you will want to live in forever.

Pair it with the Malibu Collection Stretch Flare pants (seen on the left) from Barefoot Dreams, and you have the perfect combination for staying in, running errands, or really anything you want to do. The beauty of loungewear is that just wearing it makes you take a deep breath and feel more relaxed. It’s taking a break from the business suits and office wear and letting loose. Do what you want, when you want!

Another staple every woman must have is the ultimate sweatshirt. You know the one with the holes in it from college you still put on when cleaning the house? You can retire it (for posterity’s sake) and grab a cozy off-the-shoulder style sweatshirt. What is so great about these is the freedom of movement.

The heavy weight of a hoodie or close-necked top can feel restrictive and not fully allow you to be relaxed. Choosing an off-the-shoulder number will give you the level of cozy comfort you crave andWoman wearing leggings, using smart tablet the freedom to move, whether shifting positions on the couch or in yoga class.

With brands like LuLu Lemon and LuLaRoe, who can say no to an awesome pair of leggings? The snug fit and bold, colorful patterns will lift your spirits after a long week of work and running around. Which brand is better? Hard to say, but the “butter soft” feel of the LuLaRoe can’t be beat. The purple Aztec design in the image above, courtesy of a LuLaRoe seller, is a fun print which also is very versatile. Wear them with your favorite slippers and sweatshirt or pair them with a cute short boot and blazer for heading out on the town.

Now, if you are planning an evening in and want to choose the ultimate in lazy, coziness—layer up! Choose your favorite leggings or sweatpants and toss on a soft, cool gown. Finish off with a microfiber robe, and you are ready for a night of movies and popcorn … from your couch.

When we are first home for the day, the need to take off the work clothes is almost immediate. The ultimate release: the unhooking of your bra. Every Woman in white cotton nightgownwoman knows how awesome that feels! Choosing a gown over a sweatshirt gives you the option of staying cool if it’s warm by the fire or the ability to just take off your robe before climbing into bed.

No matter what you choose, it is all about comfort. Some women love silk, and others prefer fleece. Whatever your preference, wearing your cozy loungewear will relax your mind, body, and soul after a long day at work. You deserve it!

Loungewear has rapidly become as acceptable as fashion out of the home as it is in the home.  Take advantage of the relaxed standards and get more out of your loungewear. The outfits are so adorable and comfy, that it’s a shame not to show them off!