I never truly realized how embarrassingly #basic my bra and panty drawer was until I began working in the lingerie industry almost 2 years ago. To be honest, I never even thought twice about the style, color, or fit of my bras unless I was attempting to look sexy for a significant other. As you can imagine, my lingerie wardrobe was divided between two types of bras. On the right side of my drawer were my special occasion bras that were either detailed with lace or brightly colored, all of which were uncomfortably too small (I thought buying a cup smaller would make my boobs look bigger…I was wrong). And on the left side, were all my comfortably stretched out basic style bras that I wore literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

When the time came for me to get my first REAL bra fitting, I was surprised to learn that lingerie brands actually design their new collections based on the upcoming season’s ready-to-wear trends and colors. Being that I am someone who shops seasonly for on trend clothing and colors, hearing this information was life changing, or must I say, bra-mazing! From that moment on, I changed the way I shopped for and styled my skivvies, all in an effort to maximize the wearability of my bras. I was now shopping for hues that were complimentary to my seasonal outerwear, instead of only purchasing the safe, basic colors. I began seeing my lingerie as an added accessory to my outfits and I was confident that if my bra straps showed it was a fashionably acceptable faux pas.

Since that revolutionary moment my lingerie shopping, bra longevity, and overall confidence, have significantly improved. Now, when I walk into a clothing store I observe what colors are reoccurring the most that season and that helps me to determine what lingerie colors I will need to work best with my outfits. As a result, I’ve been able to increase the longevity of my lingerie, since I’m no longer having to constantly wear the same old basic styles, but instead, rotating my lingerie between wears. Wearing colored lingerie can seem daunting at first, especially if you’re a #basic chick like me, but remember that the majority of Fall clothing (don’t worry, we’ll help you out with your summer style when it comes back around!) is thick enough to not show color through and adding a camisole to conceal is always a great option too! If color just isn’t your thing, or you’re unsure how to add it into your current wardrobe, try adding in softer shades first such as, pink or grey, until you feel comfortable with the darker and brighter colors!

Here at Bits of Lace we always say that style begins from within and in this case let it start with your lingerie! Check out our suggestions below to see how we styled our favorite Prima Donna sets with the most stylish looks for Fall!









Author: McKenzie Welch (mckenzie@bitsoflace.com)


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